While prom always promises to be a fun and exciting night for everyone who attends, it can also be a slightly stressing time. Not only do guys and girls have to worry about picking out their tuxedos and dresses, getting their hair and makeup done and all of the other major details for the night, they also have to figure out how they’ll even get there. Depending on your date or the size of your group, you’ll need to tailor your limousine rental to accommodate these numbers. So which limo is the best to take to your prom? Here are a few Fort Lauderdale limos to consider!

Stretch SUV Limo

Though you may have asked a special someone as your date to prom, that doesn’t mean you have to arrive as a lonesome couple. In many cases, groups of friends split the cost of a larger limo that will accommodate several couples. This not only makes traveling to prom more fun, but more affordable, too. But not every limo is built to transport big numbers. You can hire hummer stretch limo SUV to handle a large group. Fitted with bench seating, you’re given the freedom of space instead of being reduced to a six-seater. Not only that, but the interior features a sleek and modern style, fitted with colorful lights for an experience you won’t soon forget.

Classic SUV

If you’ve got a date lined up for your big night but have decided to go with something a little more romantic for just the two of you, look no further than a black or white SUV. A traditional SUV offers the intimacy that a spacious stretch limo just can’t and if there are only two of you, you’ll likely not need all that space, anyway. When you’re not traveling with a group that will cover some of the cost, the classic SUV is also an economical choice but certainly one that won’t sacrifice any of the class—arriving in a sleek SUV is as elegant as it gets.

Hot Pink Limo

Prom is one of the most exciting and fun nights you’ll have in high school, so it’s not wonder that many people choose to ditch their date and go with a big group of friends instead. If you’ve decided to attend with a group of your closest girlfriends and still want to make a big entrance, a hot pink SUV limo might just be the ticket. With its bright pink exterior, you’ll have people from all over turning their heads to catch a glimpse. The interior features bench seating, colorful lights, mirrors and even a bar for a party atmosphere that has prom written all over it. It’s a limo that will get you to where you need to go, but when you finally arrive to prom, you might not want to get out. A favorite for taking pictures with, the hot pink limo will certainly make for a memorable night.

It’s easy to see that one size doesn’t always fit all when choosing a limo. If you’re looking for a limousine in Fort Lauderdale, you’ll have piece of mind knowing that you’ve got several options to choose from so you can be sure that prom truly is one of the best nights ever.