Other than the actual proposal, buying the engagement ring is the most important aspect of looking to make a lifelong commitment to the one you love.

It can feel a little bewildering however when faced with the glittering array of choices of rings either in the local mall or when looking online so the best plan is to talk to an expert at whiteflash.com and to take on board these top tips -whether you are the one proposing or you are the lucky proposee who now has the fantastic task of ring shopping.

  1. Look around before you buy

Even if you think you know the style of the perfect engagement ring, look at a number of different designs before buying. There’s an incredible range out there to choose from and you’ll be surprised at the array of different stone cuts as well as the different metals.

  1. Price

Decide on a budget and stick to it. Don’t be swayed by the trays of rings which are seductively out of your price range, there’s a ring to suit every financial situation. Buying online can save a huge amount of money but remember that you need to know the ring will look as great on the hand as on the screen as returning it could be difficult or time-consuming.

  1. How practical the ring is

Job and hobbies play a part in the choice of an engagement ring. If you’ve always thought a huge central stone is the only design for you, remember it could be uncomfortable to wear if going to work includes tasks such as typing or intricate finger work such as crafting.

  1. Setting

The setting is the way the stone or stones are displayed and there are a number to choose from. Some are more suited than others for different cuts of stones; bezel settings offer a very secure way to keep a stone in place but a prong setting allows the maximum amount of light to bounce through the gem.

  1. Design

Consider how the ring will look and feel on the hand. For short fingers, a wide band will be uncomfortable and won’t be the best proportioned design. Large hands look great with bold designs, small, delicate styles will be lost and emphasize the hand size.

  1. Choice of metal

Engagement rings are available in a wide range of metals; yellow, white or rose gold as well as platinum are the most popular. Over the years though they can age in different ways; silver will tarnish and low quality white gold will rub back to the yellow gold underneath the rhodium plating. Choose the purist and highest quality you can afford; platinum is durable, excellent quality and always looks amazing.

  1. Diamonds

Learn about the different diamonds available; the 4C’s (cut, clarity, color and carat) are the areas you’ll need to know about to ensure you get a great diamond in the ring. It’s not just about the largest diamond available, it’s about the quality of the stone itself so don’t buy based on the myth of the past that the size of the diamond was an indication of the amount of love a man had for his bride to be.

  1. Consider alternatives

Whilst diamonds are the most popular gemstone for an engagement ring, there are some beautiful alternatives. Colored fancy diamonds are now very much sought after following many celebrities flashing yellow, blue or green diamonds when they become engaged and traditional gemstones such as rubies and sapphires make beautiful center stones to surround with smaller diamonds.