Planning for that girl’s weekend away means making sure you have everything sorted. Get your checklist ready with as many outfits as you need, all your hair care products, and your make-up, plus anything else you want to take for the perfect weekend away. Of course, what you get up to on a girl’s weekend away stays there, and we really don’t want to know! What we do want to do is tell you about an essential item that you probably don’t have on your list, and it’s one you will wonder how you ever did without!

So, what is this revelation we are going to tell you about? Well, don’t get too excited, but imagine the scene: you and the girls are in your rooms in your hotel, you’re planning a big night out on the town, and you have a luxuriously equipped bathroom at your disposal. What you fancy, before you venture out, is a long, relaxing hot bath, complete with bath oils and whatever else you want to add. You can relax, on your own, for as long as you want, and enjoy your few moments of peace. But, weren’t we going to tell you about something?

The Luxury Bath Pillow

This is it: the luxury bath pillow! Are you a little underwhelmed? Don’t be, because these cheap, usable and very clever things really are very impressive. They work like this: you attach your pillow to the side of the bath using the suction cups that are on the back of the pillow, and it provides support for your head and neck. Some even go as far as providing support for the shoulders, too, and they really make a bath more relaxing and enjoyable. It’s all so simple, isn’t it? Yet, it works, and it gives you the bath of a lifetime!

Where do you find all the information you need about the best luxury bath pillow brands? We recommend you take a look at the excellent website,, where you will find details of the most impressive and popular luxury bath pillows. The site has a review of the top ten available, and gives you information on price, availability, comfort and more, so you can find out everything you need before making your decision. Once you’ve tried one of these, you will never take a bath without one!

Enjoy the Girl’s Weekend!

So, now you know what our great revelation is, you are set to enjoy your girl’s weekend to the full. You can take that luxurious bath and with the help of your pillow, have a spa-like bath experience that will leave you relaxed and refreshed, and ready for your big night out! What’s more, these are highly portable items so won’t take up much room in your case. Check out the website for more information right away, and you’ll be surprised how little it costs to enhance your bathing experience. And remember, enjoy your weekend, and have all the fun you can!