Office to Party in 5 minutes

Whether you are attending an office party or just going for after work drinks, this can also only mean one thing, going from the office to the bar in a ‘superman’ style as you try to go from office to glam in five minutes.  Turning your look from office chic to super glam is most definitely the order of the day.

So how do you do this?

With so many office parties to attend, there can be so many decisions as to what to wear? Makeup? Perfume? And hair styles to consider that you need to get this look in a five minute dash.

However fear not, as help is at hand.  Say hello to your “getting ready party friend” as we help you achieve the look that will ensure you seamlessly get from the office to the bar with a few basics under your sleeves.  You will be surprised by your transformation.

Get your base right

Your day wear makeup should be kept to a minimum but ensure you have a great base so that you can quickly top up your makeup in the evening.  If you are very familiar with Benefit products, this is a trusted favourite that will help keep your skin looking fresh.    Try applying your foundation with a brush as it can help ensure it stays put for eight solid hours while you are sweating over your spreadsheet.  Keeping your colours such as lipstick and eye shadow nude will mean you won’t need to spend hours trying to remove and reapply in the evening.  There are various pink shades currently available that will help highlight your eyes but keeping a natural look.

Get the look to impress

You won’t feel ready to paint the town red until you have had a change of clothes.  However it can be very difficult to carry a full outfit to work and then have to carry another one around with you.  Plus who is this organised?  Keep your look basic such as a black skirt and a shirt and the look can be slightly changed by changing your shirt to a sleek and sexy top.  If you want to be a bit risky swop your plain black tights for patterned stockings.  Go on it is the party season.

Whoever who said you had to wear a skirt or even trousers.  A dress is the perfect item that will carry you through from morning to evening with ease.  Many of the high street shops have short dresses to maxi dresses and you will be sure to find the dress perfect for you.

Tired eyes and dull complexion

After several meetings and eight hours in the office can be enough for anyone, to then want to start their night out.  You may just want to go home if you don’t feel comfortable and ready for a night out.    However Optrex eye drops are proven to brighten up tired eyes in an instance.  Before you know it you will be ready to throw some shapes on the danceflloor and be tiredless.



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