One of the mistakes that women often make is putting off purchasing a new jacket until the last minute. Although we are still immersed within the steamy days of summer, the fact of the matter is that autumn is literally just around the corner. Women who have children and families are likely to become quite busy as the school year approaches, so it makes a great deal of sense to take a look at some of the top autumn outwear fashion trends well in advance. Let’s also not forget to mention that this is arguably the best way to save a great deal of money when purchasing brand-name items. So, what does 2017 have in store?


In the past, many believed that the predominant trait of women’s outerwear was concerned with visual appeal alone. While perhaps pleasing to the eye, some garments were simply unable to provide adequate protection against the elements. The pendulum has now swung in the other direction. Many online outlets provide a selection of high-quality and durable jackets to keep the cold at bay. Equipped with hoods, drawstrings and waterproof liners, these coats are just as perfect when heading off to work on a rainy day as they are for taking a trip with the family to the countryside.

Biker Jackets

Boasting a melange of durability and sex appeal, biker jackets are here in a big way. It is still important to point out that unlike their male counterparts, female biker jackets offer a slim waistline, narrow shoulders and a form-fitting appeal that is certain to turn heads. Many are constructed from leather, so they are built to last. Finally, you do not have to own a motorcycle in order to enjoy the visual appeal of these jackets. They can easily be paired with matching boots and a handbag to create a truly unique look.

The Humble Trench Coat

Think of the series Sex and the City to appreciate the appeal of the trench coat. There is no doubt that these garments are functional and yet, their true strength arises from leaving a good deal to the imagination in regards to what the woman is wearing underneath. These jackets were once only reserved for the businesswoman and thankfully, they can now be seen on the runway and during more casual events. Although you can choose traditional colours such as beige or black, why not mix it up a bit with baby blue or pink? These are able to add a decidedly feminine flair to your look. Let’s also not fail to mention that trench coats are ideal for when the temperatures outside begin to drop and when rain is forecast.

While summer is still upon us, autumn will be here in no time at all. If you are hoping to get the best deals while not becoming overwhelmed by the fashion choices at your fingertips, please keep these options in mind. You will not be disappointed with what is in store.