2017 is one of the best years in a long time for visiting Barcelona, as the city’s spirits are higher than ever. There is a lot to see and do in this amazing place, but the sheer amount of opportunities can be overwhelming to a newcomer visiting for the first time. And considering how short the average vacation trip can be, it’s really important to know exactly what you want to see and do in Barcelona as soon as you arrive.

Check out the Güell Park

One of the most famous green locations in the world, the Parc Güell is highly renowned by various figures of authority for the variety of its species and the overall design of the space. The layout is amazing and provides great opportunities for exploration, while those who want to capture some memories will have plenty of objects to take pictures of once they venture a bit deeper.

The museum within the park is worth exploring as well, especially for those who enjoy a more artistic presentation. Just make sure that you observe the opening hours, as the museum and the park have separate entry times!

Visit the Camp Nou Stadium

Camp Nou is an iconic part of Barcelona and something that everyone should see at least once, even those who couldn’t care less for football. The place is a local attraction, with people coming from all over the country just for it specifically, and you’re guaranteed to see lots of international tourists around the area as well.

It can be a bit difficult to arrange seeing an actual football match here due to the exclusive and busy nature of the stadium, but visitors who can afford it are definitely not going to regret it. Watching a football game at the Camp Nou earns some serious bragging rights.

Taste the local street food

Barcelona is known for many things, but among those, the street food you can find all over the place is one of the most commonly mentioned traits of the place. There’s something for everyone in there – from the tasty La Bomba, to the exotic Esqueixada and the simple yet effective Pa amb Tomàquet.

There are lots of places that can give you a good treat if you’re out “hunting” for street food, so make sure you have a good list of targets before you set out on your search.

Indulge in the nightlife

Last but definitely not least, Barcelona is a hot spot for lovers of night adventures. There are lots of places you should visit, but if there isn’t much time available, the Harlem Jazz Club is always a good bet for a great time out.

Fancy some karaoke? Then head on over to the Touch Music Karaoke bar. It’s one of the most active spots in town so it might not be that easy to get a place, but it’s absolutely worth giving it a try. Even if you don’t enjoy getting behind the microphone, the atmosphere in the place is fantastic every night.


Barcelona is a place that will have you coming back for more, and it’s pretty much impossible to experience all that it has to offer in just one visit. But the old saying about how much first impressions matter is very true, and getting to know the town the right way can make a huge impact on your memories of it.