If you’ve been proposed to over the Christmas or New Year period or you’re hoping to hear the question on Valentine’s Day this year, you’ll be wanting to head out soon to start looking for an engagement ring. Designer engagement rings from Whiteflash will certainly give you lots to think about, especially if you want a particularly on-trend look.

If you have already decided you want a diamond; the classic colorless or currently very popular colored diamond then here are the chic diamond shapes now caressing the fingers of the recently engaged  A-listers of Hollywood.


If you want to combine classy, traditional and still look chic, then it has to be a round cut brilliant diamond. It continues to be the most popular shape but that’s not because people are following the crowd, it’s because it looks great and is a timeless piece of diamond design. It’s perfect for engagement rings and suits all size and shape of hands and fingers.


A trendy shape at the moment but in reality one which has always been regarded as elegant. Choose a marquise cut diamond if you have short fingers as the slender shape which tapers at both ends really elongates the overall look of the hand. It’s worn with the stone set parallel to the finger.


This shape shouts vintage and if you’re looking for a design to sit perhaps in the hot metal of the year – rose gold – this is the choice you’ve been looking for. Rectangular with trimmed corners, an emerald-cut diamond is great if you’re on a tighter budget as the reduced number of facets means that minor defects of less expensive stones are hidden.


If you love the idea of a three-stone ring with the variety of personal meanings this can bring, a princess shaped diamond in the center is a great idea. This cut of diamond is square and very versatile; it also has a high number of facets so the light will dance through the stone like a flickering fire.


Also known by some as a teardrop diamond, the pear shape is very on-trend this year. Worn with the pointed end towards the base of the finger, it’s another option which is great for shorter fingers. If you want a solitaire stone which really stands out as being a little unusual but absolutely stunning, opt for the pear.


If you want rarity of cut and shape, a radiant diamond is the one for you. The corners are only barely trimmed which means it’s a square version of an emerald but with extra brilliance. Radiant diamonds have the facet numbers normally associated with round diamonds which adds to the rarity aspect.


The hot cut of 2016 for anyone wanting the vintage look in a bespoke engagement ring. Asscher first appeared in 1902 and has been waiting for its time to really shine through to show the real beauty of this square with deeply trimmed edged shape. It’s a rarely found shape so if you can find one for your ring you will be very fortunate and have a piece of jewelry which is incredibly special.