Many casinos around the world expect their guests to be dressed in a certain way, whenever they enter the casino. In fact, the dress code enables a uniform visual in the casino, and it also acts as a sign of respect for other gamblers. While some casinos have strict dress codes, other are more relaxed and allow casual outfits. But more and more casino venues are now imposing a dress codes. Indeed, the dress codes will differ as posh casinos will impose the classic look while relaxed casinos will be indulgent on casual wear.

The most common yet different casino dress codes are: White Tie, Black Tie, Black Tie Optional, Semi- Formal, Business Formal, Business Casual and Casual. These numerous ways of dressing apply both to the ladies and the gents, but they have different requirements. These simple cloth items come with full package as these have to be matching to your full outfit. Plus, different casinos around the world have and impose different requirements when it comes to each outfit. Gloves, shirt studs, cuff links, bow tie, white shirt, leather shoes, socks, suits and coats are items you need to have in your closet if you wish to visit some of the world’s classiest and best casinos.

Some days, you can be either in a tuxedo or a long dress, and the other day you can be in pants and a shirt- the most formal look against the most informal one.

For instance, one of the most luxurious casino in Vegas, Aria is all about the formal look. Home to most visited clubs and posh restaurants, this resort puts high emphasis on the dress code- sandals or flip flops are strictly prohibited at night. To dine in Aria’s finest restaurant, you are required to wear a coat. So, if you’re planning to ever stay there, you better pack your business wears.

On the other hand, Monte Carlo casino sticks to two dress codes. In the casino, you can wear jeans, shirts or casual shoes, but it is best to avoid shorts or sandals. But if you want to join the casino’s private rooms, a tie and a coat is a must after 8 PM. Plus, you have to wear classic shoes which complements your outfit. Other casinos where the strict formal look is a must are The Bellagio, Venetian Macao and Borgata Atlantic City.

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