There are many issues to address when preparing for an upcoming wedding. Choosing the perfect dress is obviously a very real concern. Although the style and design are critical metrics, we should also remember that the type of fabric can have a massive impact upon comfort as well as visual appeal. It is therefore a good idea to take a brief look at a handful of common fabrics as well as the unique qualities associated with each. After all, a bit of preparation in advance will help to guarantee unforgettable memories.


Chiffon is known for its airy feel as well as its relative simplicity when compared to patterned designs. This is often why it is perfect for more informal gatherings or if you happen to be planning a wedding outdoors. It is also available in numerous tones and many of these are associated with a subtle and yet very noticeable sheen.


Satin has always been used for more traditional events due to its natural lustre as well as its silken shine. This fabric is slightly heavier than other variants, so it might not be ideally suited for summer gatherings. However, it can still be fashioned into other accessories such as gloves to produce a punctuated effect within your entire ensemble.


The main difference between tafetta and satin is that this material is associated with a more lightweight quality. However, it still retains much of the high-quality sheen that brides often desire. This material is often pleated; enabling it to be used for more structured dresses and even ball gowns. Interestingly enough, this is one of the only fabrics which produces a slight rustle when walking. This crisp quality can leave a lasting visual impression.


Georgette fabrics are known for their light and airy appeal. This is why they are often used when heavier or bulkier gowns are not desired. It is often possible to imbue this variant with a more lustrous finish so that it slightly mirrors the sheen commonly associated with silk. It can also be used as a dress overlay and this can help to “soften” the silhouette of your ensemble.


Lace is obviously a popular choice, so we have saved this fabric for last. There are countless variants to choose from and lace is often incorporated in order to espouse a more vintage appeal to a dress. Unique patterns will help to accentuate other accessories and naturally, a host of off-white colours will be able to suit nearly any desire. Some common varieties of lace include Chantilly, Lyon and corded. It is best to perform a bit of research in advance to determine which pattern is the most appropriate for your needs.

Wedding dress fabrics are available in a host of different patterns, thicknesses and designs. Thanks to this plethora of options, you can select the best material well before the big day arrives. Class, style and sophistication have never been easier to achieve!