Going bananas for your Jim Jams

London Fashion Week may have been and gone but we are still loving the classic but somewhat strange fashion item to hit the high street.

As always Somerset House saw plenty of style which were all waiting to be captured by enthusiastic photographers.  As always the latest collections from some of the best designers were released as many of us waited to see what would hit the high street over the forthcoming months.

It came as a surprise to many that pyjamas were a hit on the catwalk.  Yes you have heard right, your jim jams are not to be kept to the comfort of your own home.  We must agree that sensuality is way too stylish to be confined to your bedroom and the catwalk opened our eyes to this fact.  Wearing your nightwear in the day is the way forward.  And the high street is agreeing too.

It has to be said that sometimes the camera can capture some very strange and colourful trends and this has to be one of those extravagant looks, but surprisingly it works.

Stella McCartney was the first designer to showcase this look.  She showed the audience a completely different look to traditional trouser suits as models are seen wearing elegant and sophisticated PJ bottoms teamed with silky tops.  These jim jams look fantastic in block colours and will see you through season after season, year after year.  This slouchy look is a fantastic alternative when meeting friends after work or when picking the children up from school.  You will be the parent that stands out from the crowd with this look that works on everyone regardless of your shape.  Let’s face it who cannot look good in PJ’s.

The PJ look does not stop on the catwalk as many celebrities are too showing us how this look can work well.  The first celebrities to don this look were Rihanna and Alexa Chung who took the plunge and stepped outside in their take on the PJ look.  If it is good enough for celebrities then it is most certainly good enough for us.  Why get dressed in the morning if you don’t have to!  Ha ha.

OK so before I advise that it is acceptable to not get dressed in the morning.  Your take on the pyjama trend should not mean that you can step outside in your twenty year old jim jams that have probably seen better days and look like it should be on the bonfire this Bonfire Night.  We are taking swanky sets that match are made of silky and luxurious materials.

This is a trend that is likely to be very popular.  As previously mentioned it is shape blind but it is also age blind.  You can wear this look in ten years time and will never date just like your little black dress.

Get shopping for some new classic pyjamas today.  You can bet they will look good but also be really really comfy too.


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