With the rain pouring down and the wind howling through the letterbox, having a salad or some raw sticks of green pepper isn’t really top of the menu choice for any vegetarian. The winter is about staying warm and with that comes the need for filling, comfort food.

Here are some great ideas to keep any vegetarian – or indeed meat eater – full to the brim with healthy goodness until the sun shines that little bit more.


A pan, a blender and some fresh or tinned ingredients and you have everything you need to make a soup. It’s a dish which is surprisingly thought to be difficult to create by many as there’s often lots of ingredients involved. The reality is that a soup is what you make it; it can be as complex or straight forward as you like and can be made on any day with what you have in the fridge and cupboard.

The basis of any soup is a few vegetables such as onion and carrot and after that it can be a mix of perhaps roasted aubergine, courgette and tomato for an Italian style soup or butternut squash, red peppers and coriander for a fantastic Middle East broth. Just stir fry your vegetables in oil, add some vegetable stock, cook until it’s all tender and process with the hand blender.


A large plate of stew or casserole has to be one of the best comfort foods available and being vegetarian doesn’t mean you can’t join in. Quorn, which made from mycoprotein, pieces are the ideal addition here along with onions, potatoes and a thick sauce; high in protein and fibre they really make for a hearty meal. If you’re new to Quorn, check out these recipes and information and be prepared for your vegetarian world to expand.


If you don’t have time to make a pie from scratch but want that sensation of pastry and wonderful filling to keep you warm on a dark evening, fear not. Again, Quorn comes to the rescue with their range of pies including their Chef’s Selection suet pudding, Steak Style pie with gravy or even the chicken style and mushroom option.


Warm Dorset Apple cake, custard-covered treacle sponge or even icecream covered in a hot chocolate sauce, there’s so many ways to enjoy a sweet treat in the winter as a vegetarian. If you love suet puddings such as jam roly poly you can now buy vegetarian-friendly suet so whatever you want to treat yourself to on a chilly day, it’s all there waiting for you to tuck into.