We know this is going to be a tough sell, but sugar is now finally being recognised as a major problem. If you have plenty of sugar in your diet (and it is in more things than you think) it is time to start thinking about ways to ditch it. If you can’t get rid of sugar completely, it is important that you investigate ways to significantly reduce the amount of sugar you have in your daily life. Here are some reasons why sugar is worse than you think. Be warned, sugar is not good, and if you take a lot of sugar in your life right now, the following may make for uncomfortable reading.

Excess simply becomes fat

When we have enough stores of glucose in our liver and muscles, any excess sugar simply turns into fat. We can’t change this, it’s just a fact of life, part of our physical makeup. So the best thing we can do to avoid this is to simply eat less sugar, so the sugar we take in makes up the amount we need to avoid weight gain. Simple, right?

We also have issues if we eat sugar and want to perform at our best. The next time you eat a chocolate bar and experience a sugar high, enjoy it while it lasts. Thirty minutes to be exact. It takes just half an hour for the effects of a sugar rush to die out, and then your body is left with a huge crash that leaves you feeling physically tired. You can maintain it by eating more sugar, but that will only up your resistance to the stuff and that means your sugar rush will get steadily shorter. And all the while you’ll be piling up weight. So that’s more fatigue, and more weight.

Premature ageing

You are also looking at a situation that is slightly scarier in that it affects the collagen in your skin. Put simply, this means premature ageing. The skin on your face, and everywhere else that matters, is at risk. Collagen will be affected, and wrinkles will appear. That means sugar literally ages you. While it may not make you older, it can make you look rough. The best thing to do is avoid it.

Finally, cholesterol is also a major problem with sugar. For many years, this was not thought to be true. Then scientists got wise to sugar. Basically, cholesterol is raised if you eat too much sugar. This can lead to all sorts of problems in future, including serious illness. To make matters worse, your heart could be at risk. It has been shown that increased sugar intake can lead to the growing risk of heart disease as you get older. So again, leave the sugar out of your diet if you can.

So there are some reasons why reducing your sugar intake can only ever be a good idea. Start slowly. Take the time to cut out small sugary snacks. Then, work on your meals. Eventually, your intake will be reduced and you will feel healthier. And that leads to a happier you.