What is your excuse?

Everyone has done it, been on a diet and been happy with the weight loss to stop and then it all goes back on and more.  After all when you are restricted on a diet you will drop the pounds in the short term but the hardest part is knowing how to keep your weight off and this is when most diets fail.

It is not surprising this happens as most people have not been taught the mental skills in order to maintain their eating and fitness habits.

Cognitive Therapy teaches people to find out the root cause of why they their eating habits are the way they are and not think about going on a diet but more making life long changes to your eating habits, so that you are not thinking about the need to come of a diet because these changes have been made for life.

Cognitive Therapy is successful because it focuses on the issues now rather than looking and understanding the deeper root causes.  The therapy is decided that the thoughts and feelings now that are negative can be eliminated and replaced with more positive thoughts.  These feelings can include overeating, depression or addition.

Cognitive Therapy can ensure that the weight is lost but for good.

The most common attitudes to weight loss are identified below:

  • Being hungry is bad Many people think that being hungry is only going to get worse and the only way to stop this feeling is to carry on eating.  Feeling hungry is not something that will harm you and in reality only lasts for about ten minutes before it fades away.  Plus remember food does taste better when you are hungry as you appreciate it more
  • It is not fair – There are people that have feelings of jealousy towards other people, such as “why can they eat what they want and I can’t?”  You are very likely to find that these people if you were to follow them around do eat but they know when to stop.
  • Some foots are bad – “These foods are bad and I cannot eat them, must avoid them at all time”.  Having these feelings means that you will find that your diet will fail because you think you can never have your favourite foods ever again.  If you control your food intake and your calories there is room for a little of your favourite foods.
  • Is it ok to take a break from the diet and exercise – Everyone goes through feelings of not wanting the exercise and this is ok.  Even the most avid of exercisers don’t feel like going for a run sometimes or going the gym.  It is fine to have a day off and get back on track the next day.  Many people have a bad day and then can’t be bothered to carry on.

In order to succeed, remember not to give up and you will soon be reaching your goal.  Life changing events are not something that can be achieved over night and a lot of help and support from friends and family is needed.  This is not a journey you can carry out on your own and if so it will be a lonely one.