You might think of Easter as a holiday that’s primarily geared at children. Giant chocolate eggs, Easter egg hunts, egg painting and other such distractions hold a particular appeal for the small people in any given household. But that doesn’t mean that adults can’t enjoy themselves with the help of some themed activities.

Things are slightly more complicated this year by the arrival of the coronavirus pandemic and all of the rigorous quarantine measures that go with it. This adds another layer of difficulty – but still, it’s possible for adults to find wholesome ways to mark the occasion.

Easter egg hunt

When adults are participating in an egg hunt, the playing area can be made that much bigger. Of course, with access to cars and without the need to be supervised, adults can cover a much larger territory. But of course, hunting Easter eggs can hardly be classified as an ‘essential’ activity, and thus you’ll be restricted to your own home instead.

There’s a solution, here, and that’s to make the eggs a great deal smaller. If you’re creative, you might be astonished at just how many places you can find to hide them around the house. Do the job right and you’ll still be uncovering tiny little eggs (or egg-shaped tokens) well after the Covid-19 pandemic has lifted.

The ideal substitute for an Easter Egg in the classic hunting game is a lottery ticket. But you might find that your opportunities to buy lottery tickets are a little bit limited in the modern retail environment. Never fear! Lottery tickets can be purchased online – you’ll just need to keep track of who won what using pen and paper.


For most of us, Easter just wouldn’t be Easter without a selection of chocolate themed gifts to choose from. But you don’t just have to focus on things that are sweet and edible for your Easter festivities. Look for board games that you can open on the day itself, and that will keep you distracted for days, or even weeks, or lockdown.

Decorating eggs

While painting eggs might seem like a bit of a childish pursuit, the adults can join in with the action, too, and create all kinds of impressive patterns. You’ll need a set of brushes and some suitable paints. Fans of Games Workshop might already have such supplies to hand; everyone else can simply order them online.