There’s only so far your pay checks will stretch and anyone who shares a flat with a sponge like me, understands that you’ll probably be on the hook for most of the repair bills. That being said, when my flatmate and I decided to throw a keg party in our rented flat and ‘accidentally’ knocked through the bathroom wall, we thought it was prudent to call in a professional. Now I’m sure many of you will already be mocking us for not trying it ourselves, but when you’ve seen the barbaric attempts of us making a sushi roll, you’d forgive us for not trying to drywall and plaster a gaping hole, and while flatmates are meant to be close, there are only so many times you can try and take a shower at 3am in the morning to ensure your flatmates girlfriend doesn’t see things she shouldn’t.

So after growing sufficiently frustrated with my flatmates promises to stump up half the cash, I took it upon myself to ‘lend’ him the money and hire someone who could sort out the problem. Having trawled through a ton of people who wanted to charge more than my student loan, I found a site called Divine Maintenance who advertised themselves as London Property Maintenance specialists. So, dialling back my pent up rage at having spent hours calling sharks who wanted to take me for a ride, it was refreshing to get through to someone who didn’t try and hold me to ransom on the phone but offered to come out and take a look before they quoted. The next day, true to their words, they came out and after a little friendly bartering, we reached a price we were both happy with and they fixed it in a few hours. They offered to come back and paint it for me once it was sufficiently dry, but we both agreed to keep the costs down and retain some of my male pride, that could at least handle that part myself.

Perhaps the moral of this story, aside from not throwing a keg party for 50 in a flat big enough for 15, is that shopping around can save you a bundle! The first firm wanted over £450! Divine wanted a lot less and thankfully I stayed patient enough till I found them.