Being pregnant is a real blessing. As soon as you hear the news you become overwhelmed with happiness and joy. However, once the dust settles you start thinking about the upcoming nine months and imagining your life during that time. Naturally, many things will change. Your body will go through a number of changes at different times during pregnancy and you’ll have various reactions when it comes to some of them. Most changes are just temporary and many of them can be unpleasant and might make you feel a bit embarrassed or self-conscious. We’re here to let you know there’s absolutely no reason for you to feel this way and that you should carry yourself proudly all the way. In that respect, a change of wardrobe is in order. By adapting your style to your new figure, you’ll be able to see your newfound beauty and get rid of all the negativity.

Mum jeans

If you think you need to give up wearing jeans during your pregnancy, think again. Mum jeans have become so popular that even women that aren’t pregnant are wearing them. With all that comfort and great look, you’ll never want to go back. Mum jeans come in different shapes and sizes and their popularity enables you to choose from a variety of fabrics and patterns. The stretchiness may even enable you to wear them during the whole nine months. If not, that for the most part, at least.


Not only the visible part of your clothing needs to change but what’s underneath too. Given that the critical areas include your tummy, butt and your breasts, new underwear is a must. Feeling comfortable in your skin should definitely be one of your priorities and the way to do that is by having appropriate underwear. You can find high-quality underwear at Cake Maternity . Not only that it’s comfortable, but the design is awesome too, so you can feel comfy and sexy at the same time.

Leggings are lifesavers

This part is quite self-explanatory. As some parts of your body expand, your leggings will adapt to your shape and they can never be too tight, so you’ll be safe. There will be days when you don’t want anything pressing your stomach or bladder and these days are perfect for wearing leggings. You can even buy ones that resemble real pants with drawn on pockets and stitches and avoid the headaches and anxiety related to the tightness of clothes.


Cardigans are so fashionable lately; everyone has several in various colours and styles. Depending on the material, they come in versions for all seasons and they’re great for covering up imperfections and critical areas, as well as keeping your kidneys warm. We suggest getting a number of cardigans for every occasion. They can be both informal and formal and you can wear them at all times.

Loose dresses

Dresses can be your best friends. Wearing a dress is a great way to go out without anything pressing your tummy or keeping you from breathing normally. You just need a dress that is loose from your breasts down and you’ll look absolutely stunning. This model can also be worn in various situations, so be free to exploit this fact.

Pregnant ladies don’t need to wear sweatpants and PJs to stay comfortable. They just need a change of wardrobe and they are free to choose anything that fits. You can still wear tight shirts if you like it, as well as anything you used to wear before pregnancy if you like how it fits you. The important thing is to feel comfortable and happy. Take care of your health, as well as your looks. Get a haircut, do your nails, put makeup on and hit the town. This will cause your confidence to rise and you’ll start feeling much better about yourself.