Brief Introduction

Vitamin C is always known for its nutrient value, but they are mostly famous as an ingredient of skin treating element. However not all kind of Vitamin C serum is best for skin, but according to many researchers Vitamin C serums are most appropriate for skin.  Vitamin C has various forms, but L-ascorbic acid was potent in recovering and enhancing the skin. Serum of Vitamin then started getting its importance in cosmetic and skin treatment sector.

Nowadays, serum of Vitamin C is widely used in every skin care products although they are slightly costlier than regular vitamin C elements. Researchers are still evaluating various benefits of Vitamin C that can show a positive effect on the skin. Many skin care products boast of doing best to your skin, but after you use them for some days, you will come to know that are almost useless. Various cosmetic companies try to manufacture cheap products by boasting the presence of Vitamin C serum, but they hardly add any of them.

On the other hand, there are many products of skin that are packed with Vitamin C serum and they meet all demand of the user. Vitamin C serum helps in fighting anti-aging, increase collagen making and many other effects on the skin. Vitamin C constitutes various ingredients that include ascorbyl palmitate, L-ascorbic acid, and magnesium ascorbyl phosphate. But L-ascorbic acid is the most potent among all these element and serum of Vitamin C is made using this ingredient. According to a general standard, 5% is minimum, and 20% is the maximum level of concentration of serum that beauty product should use.  

Why is Vitamin C Serum best for Skin?

Today’s world has understood the need for Vitamin C for skin enhancement and skin damage resistant. All the vitamin C serves the same benefit but serum has a better concentration of L-ascorbic acid, and it doesn’t fade out easily due to environment issue. You might think serum as a facial moisturizer, but it is slightly different them. Moisturizers have a thick consistency, but serum is thin and light due to their low concentration level. Although skin specialist recommends that you should use vitamin C serum before applying moisturizers because moisturizers will act as a protective layer.

Following points will depict some points which will indicate that serum with L-ascorbic acid is the most appropriate kind of Vitamin C which is best for your skin.

  • Your face has a huge number of collagen, and it is integrated into the thick layer of skin. Collagen is a crucial ingredient of our skin, and its production rate decides the quality of your skin. However, if this production reduces then, you might face degradation of skin quality but if you use Vitamin C serum enriched skin product it will help you in enhancing the production rate.  With a steady production of collagen, your face would be free from any kind of wrinkles which are the sign of aging.

  • If you are looking for a highly potential antioxidant Vitamin C kind, then serum would be your logical choice. Your face is often damaged by the UV rays of sun causing oxidation of the skin, and it can’t be fully protected by mere SPF creams. For this, you need to use Vitamin C serum enriched product that will act as antioxidant although you should use it along SPF for good protection.

  • There are times that your skin will be damaged the sun ray that leaves a various effect on the skin which takes time to get repaired. Skin stain, fine lines, etc. are some of that effect on the skin which can be cured by the use of serum which is known for repairing damaged cells.  This serum works along with the Vitamin C present in the deep layer of skin in repairing process thus resurrecting your good old skin.

  • With the increase in age and time, your skin will face various discoloration, age spot, and pigmentation which are not a good sign. Dark circles are another problem that is eminent on everybody’s face, and it is killing the quality of the skin. Al these problems can be solved if you start using Vitamin C serum which will vanish all these issues, and it will lighten up the top layer of skin thus giving a glowing skin.  
  • Skin cuts and scars are common issues in human’s skin, and accidents mainly cause these issues. It would take a huge amount of time to get repaired naturally so nowadays; many people use serum of Vitamin C for its efficient rejuvenating property.  It also attacks the free radicals of the skin and checks down all the damaged done by them.
  • The serum can be used for exfoliating your skin that will balance the oil content in the skin of your face.

Applying This Serum on Skin

Vitamin C serum is available in different concentration level, but in general, you will find it as an ingredient in a various beauty product. 5% is minimum concentration level you should on your skin, but you should never use a serum with more than 20% concentration level as it will damage your skin. The following points will help you in proper application of this serum in your skin, and the process is as follows:

  • Before applying serum of Vitamin C, you should first rinse your face with cold normal water.
  • Then you should apply the serum on your face and any other required places.
  • After the serum dries up, then you should apply a good quality moisturizer or sunscreen and this combination will protect the skin.

Final Verdict

Vitamin C serum is considered as the most effective Vitamin C element by most of the dermatologists, and you can stay assured that you get the all the promised benefits.

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