Vaping has now been trending all over the world for some years and the trend is expected to grow as more people jump onto the bandwagon of vaping. According to experts, the highest number of fresh vapers are youths while quite a few adults are changing camps from cigarette smoking.

What people do not know is that vaping has health dangers, although manufacturers have been advertising it as a healthier alternative to smoking nicotine cigarettes.

Vaping Nicotine E-Juice

Some users, especially those who just ditched smoking, use nicotine-based e-juice, which is equally addictive. Health experts have confirmed that the nicotine these e-juices has health impacts.

Nicotine delivers toxins into the body, which increases the chances of getting lung cancer, allergic reactions, and getting into the airways where it causes many other problems. People with underlying health conditions are at higher risks.

As such, it is recommended to use a lower nicotine level or stop using nicotine e-juice altogether. However, even using non-nicotine e-juices has challenges.

Vaping Without Nicotine

This is promoted as lesser evil as compared to cigarette smoking and vaping high-nicotine e-juices. However, it is not without a catch. Previous studies have linked any kind of vaping with health effects. According to them, the only safe way is to quit completely. Although e-juices use food-grade ingredients, they are related to the following health effects.

·        Cancer – Lung, throat, and mouth cancer are common illnesses associated with vaping. It does not matter what you vape because all the vapor contains a variety of toxins. As long as you have switched your e cigarette on, you have increased your chances of getting cancer.

·        Aggravating chronic illnesses – Cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, and other chronic illnesses will become worse when you vape. In fact, it gets worse the more you vape. Some people have even been requested to quit vaping by doctors if they want their health to improve.

·        Irritation and allergic reaction – Some people suffer some reaction effects, especially beginners. Vapor, even without nicotine, delivers foreign bodies into the mouth, throat, and lungs, which might cause allergic reactions. Some people get so affected that even breathing is a big problem because of the swollen walls of the airways.

Financial Implications

Vaping non-nicotine e-juice is thought to save money because it is not as addictive as cigarettes or nicotine-based e-juice. However, it still has a financial implications as compared to not using it at all. People spend money on e-juice, especially when buying a variety of flavors and also when upgrading from old devices to new ones.

How to Quit Vaping

Any medical expert will recommend that you quit vaping to keep the above negative effects away. To make this possible, you can try a variety of therapies as advised by experts. Healthier alternatives include chewing special gums, using sparkling water, or distracting your mind with other activities.

Final Word

Now you know that even e-juices without nicotine can have effects on you. They range from health to financial effects. It is time to make wise decisions and do what is best for you at the moment.