Each trip is a potential adventure, but getting ready for it can be a real hassle. This is particularly true if you’re traveling with kids. In that case, how well you prepare and pack your luggage can actually make the difference between a dream trip and a real nightmare. So, if you don’t want to spend the time away from home rectifying the mistakes you made while preparing for the trip, take a look at the following tips which should help you pack everything you need for a great holiday with kids.

First things first

If you’re taking a plane or a train, make sure you double-check the schedule and don’t miss a possible e-mail informing you that your flight/ride has been postponed. Don’t forget to print your boarding pass/ticket at home or use the e-check in kiosks. Either option beats waiting in line. Let your kids know about the procedure, especially if they’ve never travelled like that before. If possible, leave your car seat at home but rent one once you reach your destination. You don’t want to carry something so huge with you. Finally, make sure your kids don’t make any dumb jokes at the airport, such as proclaiming there is a bomb in one of the bags.

Choose the right bags

Depending on how you travel, you’ll have to face various baggage restrictions. They might be imposed by the airline or the size of your trunk. Make sure you don’t exceed the baggage allowance when flying or that you can actually pack all the bags in your vehicle. Once you know how much stuff you can take with you, you can start packing.

What’s the weather like?

Your choice of clothes will depend almost exclusively on what kind of weather you can expect at your destination. Check the weather forecast and choose the clothes accordingly. Don’t forget that you mustn’t take everything you have in your closet but only what is absolutely necessary for your stay. If there is an option to use a washing machine at the destination, you don’t have to pack clean clothes for each day but wash some of the clothes. That should save a lot of space in your bags.

What clothes to pack?

Unless you have to attend a formal ceremony, the best idea is to pack clothes you and your kids will feel comfortable in. If you’re travelling with a baby, look for some quality baby clothes on sale and make sure you have enough items, since babies tend to make their clothes unusable very easily. Also, have a back-up option in your carry-on or somewhere near you at all times. You simply never know with babies.


Don’t forget to pack something that can keep your kids occupied during the trip and while on holiday. You might experience some bad weather, which means your plans to spend some time outdoors can hit a bump. That’s why it’s vital that you have something that will prevent your kids from complaining about the whole experience.


This should probably be the first thing on your packing list. If your kid needs to take regular medication, bring enough meds with you and don’t rely on buying them at the destination. Also, you should always have some emergency first-aid kit with you when travelling with little ones. That includes some painkillers, bandages, antipyretics and an antihistamine.


Most kids like to travel with at least one toy. Try to persuade them to leave the “bulky” ones at home and opt for some toy(s) that don’t take up so much space. Also, if they’re old enough, tell them that they are responsible for looking after the toy. That will be a great lesson of responsibility and independence.

Travelling with kids can be great, but you really need to be prepared for many things that can occur during the trip. Still, careful preparations can help you and your kids have a great time, which is the ultimate goal of the trip, right?