Calling all fashionistas! Summer is finally here, and it’s time to update your wardrobe. Even if you don’t think of yourself as a particularly stylish person, don’t despair.  The secret to perfect summer style is surprisingly easy. All you need to do is create a small capsule wardrobe of pieces that will serve as a basis. These pieces should be trendy and easy to combine. That way, whatever else you throw on, you’ll look put together. Here are some of our favorite staples for this summer.

    • Find the perfect jeans

Great jeans should always be a staple in your closet, regardless of the season. It makes sense really – they are super-comfortable and are easy to dress up or down. The ultimate basic – they go just as well with heels and kicks, a sporty or sexy top. Trendy women’s jeans are abundant right now, so don’t be afraid to try out different styles to find the ones you look and feel the best in. Rips are still very much in, and as for the fit, you can choose between skinnies, boyfriend, or even some of the more classic cuts like bootcut. Even High Street labels have caught on to the trend from this season’s runways, so we will be seeing plenty of jeans with stripes on the sides this year.

    • Show off your shoulders

It’s hard to think of anything sexier than a pair of gorgeous, sun-kissed shoulders. And what better way to show them off than in an off-the-shoulder top. These tops are the ultimate hit this season, and you will be seeing them everywhere – in every possible version. Our favorite style is flowy, in a crisp cotton, but they can also come cropped, tight, and in a variety of patterns and colors.

    • Embrace whites

Colors and flowery patterns will be big this summer, but when you’re looking to evoke the feeling of the sea and the sun, only white will do. Wearing white in the summer makes practical sense too, as it helps to keep you cool. But the truth of the matter is – it just looks beautiful, especially if you’ve got a bit of a tan going on (still – be responsible and wear sunscreen!). The most fashionable way to incorporate white into your wardrobe? A simple white top! It could be a crisp button-down shirt, or just an ordinary tank. With a pair of skinny jeans, sexy stilettos, and oversized hoop earrings – you’ll have a show-stopping look with minimum effort.

    • Find an eye-catching summer bag

This season, summer bags are sure to catch your eye. Those who are into a sweet, romantic look are going to love the straw bag trend. Straw bags are everywhere at the moment, and they range from dainty, ladylike elegant little handbags, to sturdy totes that can fit everything you need. If you think that summer style is nothing without nautical details, try looking into rope bags – a trend which is being popularized by some seriously stylish brands, like Tory Burch.


  • Be unexpected with chunky kicks

Chunky sneakers are a great way to add some drama to your outfit while kicking up the comfort level too. Celebrities have been popularizing the trend in every conceivable combo, even the ones you’d think sound inconceivable. A frilly dress and a pair of Nikes? Go for it! This trend is definitely one you’ll love on those days when you have a million errands to run, but still want to look your best.


  • Dive in with a perfect swimsuit

No summer wardrobe is complete without the ultimate flattering swimsuit. This year, high fashion designer brands have once again mostly opted for retro-inspired swimwear. No doubt, the trend will be trickling down to High Street labels as well. Come holiday time, you are likely to see plenty of high-waisted bottoms and meticulously constructed tops, with feminine patterns like polka dots and roses. The awesome thing about retro-style swimsuits is that they are great at hiding imperfections and are truly flattering, whether they come in one or two pieces.


  • Dazzle with Hawaiian prints

If you love playing with prints, the writing’s on the wall about the absolute favorite for this year. Probably influenced by Gucci’s mesmerizing Palm Beach-inspired pieces, Hawaiian print will be on everything this year. You can subvert the gender of fashion and go for a classic Hawaiian shirt, or opt to incorporate the cheerful print in other ways – on light, loose pants, or cute sundresses. Even regular t-shirts will be rocking palm tree prints. After all, it makes perfect sense, right?


Relying on a few favorite pieces cuts back the time it takes to come up with a look, too. And, when you’re choosing your pieces, don’t forget about comfort either! Summer is all about staying fresh and cool – so be sure to pick light, natural fabrics.