Although Europe is not one of the world’s favorite kayaking destinations, those who take the time to explore it soon discover that the Old Continent has much to offer to paddlers. From alpine lakes to the Mediterranean or the North Sea coasts, you’ll find a wide variety of unique sceneries that will surprise you.

Here are a few of the best kayaking trips Europe has to offer.

  1. Norway

Norway is quite the ideal kayaking vacation destination. Its magnificent wilderness and its UNESCO-listed majestic fjords are sure to give you the ultimate experience.

One of the best areas for kayaking is the Helgeland coast. Located in the northwest of the country, this spectacular setting made up of mountains, sea, islands and fjords will make your heart skip a beat. You can taste the local cuisine and even stay in a traditional “robu” (a fishermen’s cottage).

The Lofoten Islands are another great spot for the ultimate kayaking experience. This mountainous archipelago surrounded by deep blue seas has a unique appeal.

If you are tired of kayaking and want a change of scenery, you can always hope in your campervan and explore the fjords and island groups.

  1. The United Kingdon

Great Britain represents one of the top destinations for kayaking, given the impressive amount of coastline it offer. Besides kayaking, the UK also offers a great variety of outdoor activities, such as hand gliding, mountaineering, kite surfing, and so on. If you feel overwhelmed by the seemingly endless list of possibilities, head on to  Toad and look for the best experiences at the best possible prices.

But, let’s go back to kayaking.

Anglesey, an island off the northwest coast of Wales, is the spot for you if you’re a fan of exploring more turbulent waters and battling with waves and swells. It’s also the perfect place for wildlife enthusiasts, as it is home to many species of birds, porpoises, and seals.

The Shetland Islands, a subarctic archipelago at the northernmost point of Britain, is another great destination for your next kayaking vacation. You’ll never run out of things to do here, as the islands offer a great variety of outdoor activities, such as sailing, surfing, climbing, or diving.

For kayakers, the islands can offer quite a thrilling and unique experience. The extensive coastline is a kayaking paradise with many impressive and complex sea caves, sheltered inlets, amazing cliff scenery and remote islands, all of them just waiting visitors to take in their beauty.

  1. Italy

Italy’s impressive scenery variety makes it one of the best countries to explore by kayak. After all, there’s a reason it’s one of the most popular travel destinations for both nature and sports lovers.

Lake Garda, the largest lake in Italy, is the top destination for kayaking lovers. Paddle out onto the calm waters first thing in the morning if you want to understand the true meaning of peace.

Snow white sands and the emerald green sea make Sardinia another great spot with fantastic scenery that will take your breath away as you kayak peacefully along its coast.

Last but definitely not least, you should also give the Elba Island a try. Popular for its gorgeous beaches and clear, blue sea, it’s hard to imagine a better kayaking destination than this one.

Europe has a little something for everyone’s taste, so it won’t be hard to find the perfect destination for your next kayaking vacation. The difficult part, though, will be deciding between all these amazing places.