Whether you like or not care about the idols, you have to admit their supremacy on common people from fashion, hairstyle, and clothes. They are shine, glare in front of the screen, and the spotlight of the camera. However, the impression which shows to fans is not true to some extent they have to withstand personal perplex or pain that we don’t suffer.


Hair loss between male and female celebrities is very common even though you are a new debutant. If you are familiar with the Korean Entertainment industry, you are not strange about idols’ exaggerated hairstyles and multiple hair colors. What we all know is that the hair quality will be destroyed forever which will cause hair loss after dyeing hair many times. 

Aren’t you curious about the crazy hair volume and length? It is normal for a woman who has a bunch of natural hair which reaches up to the waist? In reality, many celebrities who attend various occasions or perform in concerts will use wigs or toupees.


As a member of BlackPink, Lisa who is Thai is very famous in Asia. At the same time, many fans who like her are both curious about her hair whether it is natural. The impression of thick hair that Lisa gives us is fake, the fact is that her dense natural hair mix with the hairpiece. Additionally, the no photoshopped picture also exhibits the hair is dry and not soft.


Also as a member of BlackPink, Jennie who is Korean and has a misanthropic face is very popular in fashion. The noble and cool image that Jennie tries to mold is almost dependent on her long hair. According to the news, the long hair which resembles a ponytail is in fact that she takes advantage of the technology of hair extension.

Lady Gaga

As a creator of fashion, Lady GaGa who shows to people in the mode of the daring, various image is not surprised for anyone to use wigs. In a recent picture, she who has long curl hair attends an event. There is no doubt that curly hair is wigs.


As a famous singer, Beyonce who wears wigs is not a new thing, she tends to wear lace front wigs in public. According to the news, In her eyes, it is convenient to style and change. In many people’s eyes, the wigs make her hair more full and like a queen. 

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