You know those really well intentioned New Year’s resolutions which are ones you plant to keep, yet seem to make every single year. Well this year, I made another few of them and seem to have already broken them all.

The first one I make every year, is to get out and run more. If I’m honest, then I would absolutely love to run a marathon. Now there is very little about running twenty six miles that actually interests me or even makes me want to do it. Instead, it is all about the annoying people who never shut up about running their marathons. They tell you all the time about how hard it is and ho you will never be able to do it. Well, they are the inspiration behind me wanting to run.

I am willing to go out for a run every weekend and put in the miles and hours of training, just to be able to say ‘Oh, I did one and it was quite easy actually’. Or at least that’s the very sentiment I tell myself every year. By the end of February, or really two weeks into January, I’m over the thought. I can let them brag about running and their jogger’s nipples. It’s really not for me.

I’ve lost my phone too many times for me to be able to even guess. It slips out of a pocket on the train, falls out of my bag in the gym, or is just missing the morning after a great night out. Too many times to count and too many photos and memories lost to even think about.

I have everything linked up, so it all goes straight to my computer now. My only issue is that I always forget to back up my computer. It was only in December that I have to use RAID recovery software to get all of my photos back after I had a virus ruin my computer. So this year I decided to back up my computer more.

I’ve never experienced a sinking feeling anything like it, than when my computer went down and I couldn’t even log in to view your files, let alone attempt to recover anything. I tried every single trick and tip I could find online, but nothing was kicking my machine into life.

I still had my phone, but that only had a couple of pictures on it and not the thousands on top of thousands which I had saved on my computer. I had lost everything and had no idea or options about how I could possibly recover them.

To be fair it was a rather quick process to get everything back up and running and for me to buy an external hard-drive to use as a back up. A move I should have made months ago, roughly around the time that I also made that New Year’s resolution, which I completely failed to keep. Now I just need to make sure I do keep it.

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