The Modern Man

The era of a cuddly hairy husband or boyfriend is finally gone.  The days of when it was acceptable for your man to roll out of bed, throw on some old jeans and a t-shirt and go straight out the front door are long gone.  There are however some men that think this is ok and need re-training.

Women have got grooming down to a “T” with years of practice, so before we start secretly stacking the bathroom with men’s products it can be possible to gently lure your man into this way of thinking.

The young men of today need to learn a few lessons from the wiser gent who have their bathrooms filled with cologne, aftershaves, moisturisers and men’s pedicure products.  If your man is worried about turning into a woman, they need not worry.  Keeping their skin in tip top condition is fundamental to looking good and if that was not enough of a reason, how about looking younger.  Before you know it, every man in the country will be emptying the shelves of their local chemists.

There are a few basics that every man should have before they move on to the next level of grooming….

Shaving foam has gone up a notch as luxury shaving foam will make your man not only smell nice but be super soft.  Being well groomed is not just about vanity but it is about feeling good and more confident.  A man that looks smart that is cleanly shaven can be taken more seriously in the office.  Being smartly dressed doesn’t just stop at a clean tie and shirt but the appearance of a man’s face, hair and nails.

If your partner is still not convinced, tell them they can achieve this look without the need to step inside a beauty salon.  Although they are very welcome to get a facial and manicure as there are plenty of men’s treatments available.

Do you think most men are concerned about their appearance?

We are in the middle of a transition where society is showing men that it is more appropriate to tidy up on their grooming habits.  If your partner is one of those in the middle, unsure on what to use, there are plenty of gift packs available that provide lots of sample products.  This gives the opportunity of trying out a number of products and seeing which suits.  Who knows they may like it?

What if your man does not want to change from hairy to handsome?

If you partner does not get the hints you have been lying around, take a step back as waxing may be a bit much for him.  Buy him a trimmer, there are plenty of goods ones available that can help to tidy stray nose and ear hairs and tidy up a beard.  Most definitely a start to get him groomed.

Grooming products no need to be limited to shaving.  With lots of new ingredients and formulae’s male grooming has become interesting!

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