During sports activities, the breasts are subjected to constant stress. This is why it is very important to be equipped with a sports bra that supports them throughout the workout.

The right support for the breast is important for its health and beauty. In fact, when subjected to stress, it loses elasticity. Furthermore, those with large breasts can experience pain and discomfort that even compromise sports performance. Having an appropriate sports bra is therefore an aspect not to be overlooked.

The function of a sports bra is to prevent breast and back pain, due to stress, and to protect the natural shape of our breasts. Sports bras must therefore provide adequate support to overcome this problem.

Why do you need it?

The use of sports bra is recommended for any woman, whether she has a small size or a larger one. The size does not matter if we are talking about back pain or discomfort, caused by ineffective support.

The sports bra, compared to the classic bra, generally has higher grip and compression characteristics. The purpose is to keep the breasts still during sports, obviously without limiting proper breathing or preventing movement of the shoulders.

How to choose the sports bra: types and characteristics

Let’s see what distinguishes a sports bra from the classic bra and what characteristics to evaluate. In this way you will choose the most suitable sports bra within the sports bras wholesale!


Most sports bras come as a one-piece, body-hugging top, generally without hooks or closures. The straps are generally recessed towards the neck, while on the back we often find a cross or a rowing model to keep the shoulders free and support the muscles. However, in the sports bra models for plus sizes, in some cases we can also find underwire and hooks when there is a need for high support.

Type of support

Depending on the sport we intend to practice, we have different types of sports bras available. We can divide sports bras into three macro categories:

  • Light support bras. This type of product is perfect for those who practice yoga, stretching, pilates, and walking. It gives light support and therefore won’t tighten too much, leaving maximum freedom of movement.
  • Medium support bras. Switching to activities that involve jumps and moderate intensity exercises, it is better to increase the support of the bra, in order to ensure stability and limit movement during exercise.
  • High support bras. When we approach sports such as running, dancing, volleyball or other particularly intense exercises, it is best to ensure maximum support. This type of sports bra will keep the breasts in place and avoid exposure to strong stress. In this case we speak of a high impact sports bra.


The perfect size is given by the right combination of cups and an elastic band under the chest. The cups must accommodate the breast well, surrounding it perfectly. Some models of preformed sports bra can be equipped with removable cups to be able to wash the bra in the washing machine.

The band must fit snugly around the chest without squeezing and tightening, as otherwise it may impair breathing. Inside the Lover-Beauty sports bra sale you will find whatever is right for you!

Shoulder pads

Another component not to be underestimated are the shoulder pads. These must have the possibility to be adjusted, in order to be shortened or lengthened according to our measures and shapes. It is important that they fit snugly against the body, because otherwise it would cancel the supportive effect of the bra. The straps of sports bras for plus sizes are often padded.

Materials and structure

The best wholesale sportswear should be breathable, hypoallergenic and non-irritating on the skin. It must also ensure a good degree of sweat absorbency, in order to keep the skin always dry.

The structure of some bras is designed so that the fabric keeps sweat away from the body. It brings it to the surface so that it dries faster, and does not stay in contact with the skin for long.