We are either one or the other; unfortunately there is no middle ground. If you are one of those people that sit on the fence unfortunately you will be cast out to sea with those hot chocolate drinkers. Let’s take a look at what your favourite hot drink says about you and your life:

Your Ideal Comfort Setting

Tea people are stereotyped as loving all things cosy and possibly enjoying knitting.  Your ideal setting to enjoy your cup of tea has to be curled up on the sofa in the comfort of your own home. 

There are various flavours of tea to enjoy and if you are looking for a cuppa that will not only help you relax but also benefit from improvements to your health, look no further than the red clover tea.  This is an amazing drink with a truly amazing flavour.  What more could you ask for?  The antioxidants in this tea can fight against cancer.  Unfortunately we can’t stop cancer in its tracks but red clover herbal tea is a great preventative medicine.

So what can we say about coffee people.  There is only one word that connects with you, and that is CAFES.  You welcome sitting in coffee houses for hours on end dreaming as you watch tourists pass by in a city in Europe.  Commonly known for leaving coffee stains on a classic novel and if you have been drinking coffee long enough you will have got used to the brown stains on your teeth.  Don’t expect that from us tea drinkers.

Who Is Your Dream Partner?

OK let’s get it right, tea people want someone similar to them.  Someone that will enjoy a piece of cake over a cup of tea and spend Sunday afternoons with a crumpet.  However tea drinkers are stepping away from chunky cardigans as they choose sophisticated versions of the tea.  At the end of the day we don’t want to get old before our time!

Aargh the menopause.  Creeps up on us ladies at some point in our life as it is a time when our oestrogen levels are dramatically decreasing.  Your choice of tea can delay this.  Those who drink red clover tea will notice a reduction in the symptoms of menopause.  Isoflavones is the special ingredient in these teas that will control hot flashes and mood swings.

You can then watch coffee drinkers drooling over a picture of an Italian dude that loves to smoke as they use coffee to try and cool themselves down as they embrace the menopause.

What lies ahead?

As a tea lover you are most likely to be found reading tea leaves as you enjoy the health benefits of red clover tea.  One thing red clover tea has been proven to aid is those with respiratory problems which include coughs, colds and bronchitis.  The natural ingredient found in red clover tea will help you breathe easier.

Whereas the coffee drinker, what does their future hold?  Of course they will be switching to tea because if they don’t they won’t be enjoying a reduction in cholesterol levels, fighting against cancer and more generally, receiving a dose of antioxidants does wonders for your overall health. It is only a matter of time before you coffee drinkers break down and revert to tea!

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