Although an unfortunate fact, the chances are high that we will eventually visit a friend or family member who is in hospital. Whether referring to a routine examination or a more serious illness, visitors can be faced with numerous (and sometimes confusing) factors to address. Adhering to specific ward regulations and addressing any health and safety requirements are two common examples. There is indeed much to consider before the physical visit ever begins.

Slater and Gordon is a leading solicitor which boasts superior levels of expertise in these matters. The ultimate goal is to provide our clients with as much relevant information as possible so that their hospital visit is free from stress and consternation. Regardless of the individual situation, the importance of adhering to all protocols cannot be overstated.

What gifts are you allowed to bring? What are the visiting hours and how long will you be permitted to stay at the bedside? These are a handful of questions that we are more than capable of addressing. The main goal is to provide you with the preparation necessary so that your stay can be enjoyable and therapeutic for everyone involved.

What Have We Discovered?

In order to better appreciate the needs of our clients, Slater and Gordon recently conducted an in-depth survey regarding hospital visits. Let’s take a look at some of the interesting points that this study uncovered.

  • 25 per cent of respondents stated they would search for visiting rules through the website of the hospital in question. 17 per cent would rather contact a representative by telephone while 12 per cent preferred to navigate to the official NHS website.
  • 76 per cent would appreciate a visit from a loved one if they were in hospital for one week. This number dropped to 35 per cent for a stay of one evening.
  • Reading materials were appreciated by 46 per cent of those staying overnight, by 36 per cent of those staying for three nights and by 37 per cent of those remaining for one week or more.
  • Foods and drinks were popular with 25 per cent of those who were staying overnight, by 32 per cent who remained for three nights and by 28 per cent of those remaining for a week.
  • 25 per cent of those surveyed believed that children aged 6 or younger should not be permitted to visit.
  • No less than 95 per cent stated that they would visit if a loved one was in hospital for one week. However, this figure dropped to 56 per cent in relation to a one-night stay.

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