Sometimes it would be handy to know what is on our horizon when we’re making an important decision about our love life, our career or our home. But, of course, that’s not always possible – no-one can really know what’s around the corner.

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t look for clues as to what might happen and there are some fun ways to do this. If you’ve never tried a palm reading, had your tea leaves read or had a tarot card reading, they’re all interesting ways to gain different insights on your life. And it’s not just about looking forward, they can tell you about what’s happened in the past and what’s going on right now too.


Palm reading or chiromancy is the study of lines on the palm of your hand. Using three main lines – the head, the heart and the life line – a reader will be able to provide insights on different events that have taken place in your life, or that may be likely to happen in the future.


Each of the lines has its own significance. The head line provides clues as to a person’s psychological make-up and intellectual ability, while the heart line deals with emotions and relationships. The life line is not an indication of how long a person will live, it’s more about what life events might have already come to pass or will happen in the future.


For centuries, tea leaves have been read to look into a person’s particular life circumstances. The practice is also known as teomancy or tasseography. For this kind of divination, all that is required is a liquid that leaves some kind of dregs behind, so tea leaves are ideal, but so are coffee grounds. Wine lees also used to be read in the same way.


In many countries, tasseography is a tradition that is often shared at gatherings of women and done on an informal basis, but you can also pay to have your tea leaves read by a professional. Perhaps more than any other type of psychic reading, this is the one that can be done on a social basis, with a group of friends having readings at the same time.

Tarot Reading

Perhaps one of the best-known psychic readings, tarot has long been a popular way to take a look at one’s life, if you’re at a crossroads and want to gain insights on what the future might hold. Today, it’s easier than ever to arrange a tarot reading as you can have it done online. The tarot reader uses a deck of tarot cards to analyse different events in your life. You can ask for a specific reading – focusing on your relationship, for instance – or have a more general reading. This is sometimes a good way to get an overall view on where you are in life and what might be in store for you, depending on the decisions that you make.


Some people might be wary of trying a psychic reading when they’ve never had one, but with the three types mentioned above, they can not only be interesting, but something you can do with a friend too, so that you can share the experience. If you’re at all nervous about what you might find out, don’t be, as all the readings will do is just guide you to see more clearly what you probably already know