With a new perspective on life, many of us are coming to the end of this year with a new appreciation for our homes, which have been our schools, our workplaces and our safe spaces in a world seemingly ruled by a organism smaller than can be seen with the naked eye. Whether you loved staying home or hated it, one thing almost all of us have learned is how to make the most of the available space in our homes. Put a bit of fun back into being at home by bringing a taste of the outside world to the living room. Here’s how.

Movie ‘Visit’

Treat your whole family to a virtual trip to the cinema. That does not mean dusting off an old favourite film and popping it into the DVD player. Make an event of it. Ban everyone from the living room while you move the furniture around, laying it out so that everyone has a great view and can hear properly. If you can recreate the look of a cinema, so much the better! Have everyone line up in the kitchen at the right time and choose from a selection of snacks, such as popcorn and crisps, before leading them into the darkened living like an usher. If you really want to push the boat out, you can even stream one of the newer film releases, so they get that authentic new film experience! An alternative is to find one of the wonderful theatre streaming services which broadcast recordings of previously performed plays, ballets and operas, to make your movie night into an evening at the theatre instead.

Casino night

You can run your fun night of gaming and gambling one of two ways, after putting the children to bed. The first way is in person, making over your living room into a casino, and setting up decks of cards, a roulette wheel and more – but you might prefer the second option, which is to find an online gaming site that hosts the sort of event that you are looking for. Not only will this give you both a much greater range of games you can play, you can even score freebies like free rolls or benefits such as those offered by a no deposit bonus casino which gives you free chances to play the games.


Fun for the whole family and a great way to catch up with friends and relatives both near and far is to hold an online quiz using one of the many online video meeting/ calling services. Quiz questions can be drawn up by you, or you can find a wealth of ready-made quizzes online that are free to use – you can even use online quizzing apps that prevent Grandma’s sneaky cheating out of sight of the laptop’s camera!

Staying in can be as much fun – or very nearly – as going out, and come with none of the usual downsides of going out: finding parking, driving, finding somewhere to eat or drink before or after the event, and of course, the expense is vastly reduced too. Seems like a win from here, so what is your first in-house night out going to be?