The winter has come to an end and it is high time to start thinking about getting that figure back. Lee;s be honest it was a lot easier to hide the holiday weight gain under those warm layers of winter clothing. But not any more. So now we have to change up[ our nutrition and get those important exercise in since summer and bathing suit season are creeping right around the corner. Here to help you shed some weight efficiently are some easy to follow springtime weight loss tips.

Use the fresh ingredients

So nature is waking up,  you can get fresh vegetables on your menu again. And there is nothing better for helping your body get rid of that extra weight than healthy, balanced nutrition rich in vitamins and minerals. Start with the mineral-rich leafy greens that you can get fresh from the local market, from broccoli to lettuce and kale and fennel. Not only will a greense based nutrition help you drop a few pounds but it will also give your immunity a boost and help you fight off those pesky springtime colds. Finally, make sure to cut down on the meats and sweets as your body needs to get cleansed and detoxed. And it is not a bad idea to stay away from the fruit as well, you want to cut down on the sugar no matter the source.

Take your exercise routine outside

Even if you have stayed active during the winter months it can’t compare to the fresh air activities that spring allows you to introduce. So replace the gym with the local park and go running every morning, this will help you build up stamina, get you that much-needed oxygen and trim that belly fat. And if you want to combine exercise with a bit of fun, opting for quality trampolines is always a great option. You can get one for your backyard, it is not only fun for the entire family, but also a great way of exercising out in the fresh air and getting that weight down in the process. Finally, there is the good old hiking. The forest waking up and blooming is definitely a sight to behold, and going hiking and enjoying springtime in nature is a definite must.

Don’t forget to sleep

After the sluggish winter months, you might feel like you have slept enough, and you’ll want to use that burst of energy you feel when the first spring sunlight hits your face. But this can lead to exhaustion. Sleep is equally important to weight loss as is exercise or proper nutrition. So don’t cut down on it. Get your Zs in and you will see the difference it makes. Numerous studies have shown that lack of sleep can lead to weight gain, and it is the exact opposite of what you want to achieve this springtime. So get those 7 hours of sleep and you will see the difference it makes both for your body and your mind.

So there you have it, easy to follow tips for that desired weight loss goal you have prepared for this season. Nature tends to provide us with everything we need we just have to pay attention. So fresh vegetables, rich in minerals and antioxidants, to help us detox and keep us healthy. Great weather to help us get out of the house and build muscle mass as well as stamina. Spring brings us all of that and more. So set your goals and start working on them. It is time to wake up from the winter sleep and get moving.