It’s getting to that time of year, again, where we start to stress out about buying gifts for Christmas. Each year, most of us make a strict resolution that this year it’s going to be different and we’ll get it all done before Halloween, right? So how’s that going so far!?

And of all the people in your life – who are the hardest ones to buy Christmas presents for? In my experience, it’s most definitely the adult males of the species in the 30-60 type age range who almost always profess themselves to be “not bothered” about a gift – but feel hurt if they haven’t got one on the day. So here are a few off-the-wall Christmas gift ideas for the men in your life that you can organise without leaving the comfort of your screen!

First off, there are great experiential type gifts for men out there depending on what your men are in to. Some are dearer than others, obviously, but there are many adrenaline-fuelled highs to choose from. It’s not so easy to surprise with a gift these days, so why not think about something extraordinary? For example, the thing that he would never buy himself, but for sure will remember for a long time are toys for adults. I think this is a very unusual and memorable gift. If it’s something that you might find interesting, then I suggest you to find out all about sex toys here.

Another good idea is to indulge the sport he’s most interested in a different way. So, for example, to take the world’s most popular sport of football – how about a indulging him with a little football betting on behalf of his favourite team?

Obviously, on a similar theme, there’s the club merchandise or stadium tours, season tickets etc. But the wager is a little bit different and can be great fun, particularly if you’re able to design it in such a way that it has a season-long shelf-life.

Another off-the-wall idea is to challenge his entrenched perceptions about things. So if he thinks, for example, that walking in the countryside, or art galleries, ballet, the opera, theatre or whatever else are too boring to bother with – then carefully choose your own experiential gift that may demonstrate how wrong he is.


Visiting Paris and going to Le Louvre, or taking in a big show at a weekend in London etc. or walking in the Dordogne, visiting Venice for a long weekend – doing whatever it takes to open his eyes to the possibilities at least, is a good way of encouraging a little more lateral vision in life. And for a lot of men in the target age range we’re talking about – that’s very much a desirable thing to do!

And finally, if none of these ideas are really doing it for you – how about encouraging his learning of a new skill that also challenges his perceptions? As we’ve said, men of this age can often become too rigid in their thinking, so a new skill encourages them to challenge their perceptions about their own abilities may be a great idea. A couple of one-to-one sessions in learning to play the guitar, do carpentry, sing, paint in water colours, or learn to surf may be just the thing he needs but can’t see for himself.