With the nature of technology today, we often say happy birthday over Facebook, or send a paperless invitation to a party. But let’s not forget that the tradition of sending cards and invitations should not be lost entirely. Personal invitations sent in the mail symbolise thoughtfulness, care and beauty. They also make the receiver feel a little bit more special. In a barrage of bills and junk mail, it’s so nice to see a handwritten envelope with a surprise inside. Let’s look at some of the times when it’s really important to put a stamp on it.

Thank You Cards

If someone has taken the time to buy you a special gift, it’s much more heartfelt to send a thank you card back than just a text. This is especially true if it’s for grandparents, parents or relatives from abroad. If you have children, also instil in them the importance of sending thank you cards. In ancient times, history shows us that notes of goodwill were often sent. However, the invention of the stamp in 1840, is when cards and letters of gratitude really took off. As email and texting take precedent in our lives today, thank you cards become even more valued. There is a whole array of beautiful stationery you can buy to express your gratitude to someone. And quite frankly it’s much more well mannered that sending a text.

Save The Date Invitations

Your wedding day may have been something you have been dreaming about since you were young. Or it may be that you haven’t given it a second thought! No matter which side of the fence you are on, when you have the date and venue set for your wedding, do not delay in sending out save the date cards. With busy schedules, people get booked up well in advance. So if you want your favorite relatives and friends to attend your wedding, get licking those stamps. Save the date cards are the epitome of a well-organized wedding. There is a huge variety of beautiful and innovative designs on the market that you can personalize and manipulate to suit your style. Whether you are going traditional, contemporary, vintage or cool, it’s an all-important item to tick off your wedding checklist.

Get Well Cards

If someone close to you has had to go into hospital or has been given a difficult diagnosis, a get well card will be greatly appreciated. Include a beautiful bouquet of flowers to let them know you are thinking about them too. When we get sick, we can feel isolated and lonely, especially if we are stuck in the hospital or can’t get out of the house. Again, this is a time when a text just won’t do. Get well cards have the power to lift someone’s spirits and make them feel a little better on the inside.

Welcoming A New Baby

The joyous occasion of welcoming a new baby should always be followed by an equally fabulous card. Whether you send by post or visit in person, a card will always be appreciated. There are so many cute designs out there geared towards boys, girls and even twins; who can resist! New moms and dads sometimes have a tough slog when they get home, so brighten up their day with a congratulations card. Just make sure you spell new baby’s name correctly!