Inspirational Celebrity Mums

Motherhood can mostly definitely be a challenging role for the majority of us.  Celebrities may appear to have everything and manage their life’s post pregnancy exactly the same with the help of lots of people around them but there are some celebrity mums that are an inspiration to us as they still manage to achieve their goals while making a difference to many.

We investigate further:

Jennifer Lopez

She may have given birth to twins, Max and Emme but she did not let that slow her down.  Although she has made it clear that her gorgeous twins come first, her career has showed no signs of slowing down since she became a mum.  If anything it has gone from strength to strength as she releases an impressive seventh album and managed to get herself on the judging panel of American Idol before appearing in The Back-Up Plan.  Take a breath as this was all since giving birth.  If that was not enough for Jennifer Lopez she has very impressively successfully completed a triathlon in order to raise money for a Children’s Hospice in Los Angeles and this was only seven months after the birth of her twins.

Michelle Obama

She is more than just the other half to the American President and a dedicated mum to her children.  She has dedicated a lot of her time to the youth of America, launching a nationwide campaign to get the youth of America eating healthily and fighting obesity.  She is most definitely an inspiration to us all.

Jennifer Garner

She is frequently snapped with her husband Ben Affleck and daughters Violet and Seraphina, running errands for her family and enjoying spending time with her family on family days out.  Yes, she is a devoted wife and mother but she has successfully managed to find the perfect work life balance because her career is still flourishing.  Since having her children she has starred in many hit movies including Juno, Valentine’s Day as well as appearing on Broadway as Roxanne.

Reece Witherspoon

She is a busy actress, a mum of two as well as owning her own production company, but how does she still manage the time to help others?  She is always seeking opportunities to make a difference to other women and children around the world.  She contributes to Save the Children and actively a member of the Children’s Defence Fund.  Plus she is an ambassador for Avon helping to support their campaign against breast cancer and domestic violence.

Kate Hudson

While Hollywood actresses are very fortunate enough to be able to buy their children anything and everything they want, Kate Hudson describes herself as being different.  She is a strict mum and does not want to spoil her kids so that they don’t understand the value of money.  She had a strict upbringing herself and wants to pass this on to her children.  She has spent several years as a single mum and admits that life can sometimes be challenging but that hasn’t stopped her following her career while looking after her children.

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