It is embarrassing for men to suffer from premature ejaculation during sex. Doing this act is for both the parties involved to feel satisfaction. However, if a man prematurely ejaculates, it leaves the woman without any feeling of pleasure at all.

There are several reasons behind premature ejaculation, including psychological and medical factors. It is essential to determine why it happens so that the patient receives suitable premature ejaculation treatment.

Psychological factors

Sexual intercourse is both a physical and emotional act, and if the man does not feel emotionally well, it could affect sexual intercourse. Body image is one of these issues. Some men don’t feel comfortable with their body, so they end the activity as soon as possible. Stress is also another factor affecting the action. Stress brings a lot of adverse effects, and ability to concentrate during the sexual act is one of them.

Sexual inexperience could also be an issue, especially among young men. They don’t know how to control themselves yet as they have no sexual experience in the past. The feel too excited about the act, or they get too much stimulation. It is crucial to address these psychological issues as they will continue to bother people during sex.

Medical factors

Some illnesses may also have an impact on men during sex. Diabetes is one of them. People with this illness have a hormonal imbalance, and this could lead to premature ejaculation. Prostate disease is also another medical problem to address. Thyroid problems are also crucial since the organ develops hormones.

People who suffer from alcohol and drug abuse also have a high tendency to ejaculate prematurely. They are not in their right state of mind, and it affects their physical activities, including their performance during sex.

Immediate attention

If you regularly suffer from premature ejaculation, start by addressing your psychological issues. Unless you solve these problems, you will always feel bothered. During sex, premature ejaculation is a possibility. When the question is medical, you need to see your physician and determine what the problem is. Don’t allow yourself to keep having premature ejaculation since it will enable the body to get used to it.

For psychological problems, don’t be afraid to face a psychologist. Professionals in this field will help address your issue, or at the very least, you have someone who can listen to your problems. Before you know it, you will be in a better place emotionally.

Having proper exercise also helps in stopping this problem from happening. The body needs to be active to ensure this problem does not happen again. In severe cases, the physician might recommend medication. There are creams you can apply on the penis to make it less sensitive during sex, while there are also oral medications available. They could have side effects though, so you only take them when you get a proper prescription from the physician, and your body has no adverse reactions.