Our consultants are all former executives with extensive experience presenting in some of the most technical and demanding industries in the world.

From finance to pharmaceuticals, travel to telecoms, and retail to wholesale we’ve made a difference in just about every industry you can imagine. We don’t use actors, we work with senior professionals who have real commercial experience and know exactly what it takes to connect in business today.

On our public speaking courses you really CAN change the way you speak and feel in front of people. Even if you have been scared of public speaking for years, you can learn how to be more self-confident and to tackle public speaking.  Often that means getting used to being the centre of attention. If you learn to relax around public speaking, you can get on with the life you want to lead.

Public speaking training is focused coaching for senior executives and directors who need to motivate and inspire through keynote speeches to large audiences. Our public speaking training is only one to one and completely bespoke so that we can give very specific, targeted support to business leaders.

Business leaders are most likely perfectly comfortable with business plans, marketing reports and financial forecasts. But nothing they learnt at business school has quite prepared them for this terrifying moment of public speaking. It can be nerve racking being on stage in front of hundreds of people who are all staring at you, expecting a polished performance.

 Choosing the right courses in London also means choosing the people you are going to train with. You can easily fit in and build up confidence when you know you are in the company of people like you. If you are working and enroll with other professionals, you can also do a bit of business or networking on the side.

You will learn:

  • Breathing and vocal techniques
  • How to present yourself confidently in an authentic way
  • How to speak from the heart without a script
  • How to develop stage presence and make a powerful impact
  • How to be more spontaneous and get free of your inner critic
  • How to make a lot of noise and release emotional tension
  • What you are communicating though your body that may be contradicting your words and how to communicate a more congruent message

We have seen all sorts of off-putting body language habits ranging from:

  • Excessive movement which includes rocking backwards and forwards, stepping from side to side, moving your hands about manically, or waving your arms around for no reason. Don’t get me wrong, movement, when it has a purpose, is great. If it adds to your message and explains your key ideas more effectively than words alone that is also good.
  • Off-putting habits – worse than distracting habits, off-putting habits can make your audience feel negative. Grasping tissues or playing with your hair may even make the audience unconsciously feel that you could be unhygienic!
  • Noisy habits – playing with coins in pockets could fall into this category, or perhaps you are clicking a flip chart pen lid on and off – for the people in the audience who are sensitive to such sounds (me included), instead of listening to you they’ll get more and more distracted.

We don’t all find ourselves taking centre stage at a conference, but being confident in your ability to deliver a message, whether in a pitch, presenting work to a customer or simply at an internal meeting, is vital. Get more information from : https://www.gingerpublicspeaking.com/london-public-speaking-courses