The creative arts and design industry is a wide sector to cover at a go. Therefore, before you make sure you want to be a part of this enthralling journey, you must select a course that includes the subjects required to help you establish a lucrative career. Here is a list of the most influencing arts and design programmes that can help you pick a course that is right for you.

  • History of Art
    This degree will help you learn to analyse art, simultaneously enabling you to understand the period in which art and design were developed. It is designed to provide you with a good grounding of different regions of the world at different times in history.
  • Fine Art
    This degree includes learning modules related to the history of art and its practices. You also get to study businesses associated with the arts discipline and creative industries’ management. Students can develop themselves as a developed artist, having a confident understanding of the commercial side as well.
  • Industrial Design
    This programme emphasizes the basic theories and principles of art and design on an industrial scale. Topics that we will touch upon include engineering mathematics, fluid mechanics, manufacturing systems, and computer-aided design (CAD) techniques.
  • Costume Design
    This involves the study of primitive costume design, performance design, pattern cutting and costume construction. It prepares you for a variety of career choices in the modern fashion world.
  • Product Design
    This course will allow you to delve into the applications of design modelling, technical drawing, and material technology and design practice. You get to couple your professional practise with theoretical knowledge.

  • Illustration
    The degree is tailored to lay a strong foundation of the visual narratives, culture of illustration. This is the best way to explore different types of illustration techniques and styles, as well as develop your voice through illustration.

Opting for art and design course is not just essential for creating a portfolio of audition or work but also to demonstrate your commitment and ability to learn. Careers in creative arts and design are popular among students because of its extremely fulfilling nature, allowing you to showcase your interest and talent to potential employers. Check for art and design foundation course in London and implement your creative energy in the commercial sector. Send in your applications now and cherish the opportunity to achieve the best of both worlds!