It seems like many of this year’s trends are trying to put into focus the beauty of feminine details. With trends like ruffles, florals, and peplums, this year’s collections are all about celebrating women and all things girly. In order for you to catch up on the latest trends for this season, we’ve prepared a list of four major trends that ruled plus size fashion runways. Read on to learn what they are.

Cute lingerie all the way

Don’t get us wrong, what you wear matters, but what you wear underneath all that is equally important. Even though others can’t see it, wearing your best lingerie can provide you with such confidence and make you feel so much better. During the day, we all need support in the form of a good bra – after all, our lingerie needs to be comfortable and form-fitting, and provide us with an ease of movement to make our days easier. That is why it’s important for plus size women to consider investing in quality E cup bras because they will not only offer good support to your chest but will also make a world of difference when it comes to defining your figure and shaping it in the most attractive way. Sexy is always trendy!

F is for florals

Blossoms and blooms have been taking over the catwalks from the start of this year, and have been flourishing in all possible shapes and forms. Florals are such a hit this season that they appear on virtually everything, which gives you the opportunity to wear this trend however you please. Floral skirts look great when paired with a simple, neutral top, while floral wrap maxi dresses are sure to get you noticed wherever you go. One of the most prominent trends this season is to combine patterns with other patterns, so pairing your floral skirt with a striped tee is a great way to wear several trends at once! It seems like the floral trend is blooming all over the place. The question is – are you ready to bloom?

Sailor-inspired stripes – ‘cause we all need vitamin sea!

Stripes are definitely in this season! Spread some nautical vibes by mixing three simple colors: white, red, and navy blue. Include cute seaside-style accessories such as mermaids, anchors, and ship helms – they are a great way to remind us that summer is almost here and how we’ll enjoy sunny days very soon. Nautical dresses with vertical stripes are a great way to accentuate your curves – look for the ones that pull in at the waist to give you that hourglass figure. Nautical stripes also look great when paired with a chic, blue blazer and are sure to give off a sense of elegance and sophistication while still being casual enough for an everyday look. If you’d rather wear stripes on your accessories, opt for a striped headband or a scarf to add hints rather than going full on the trend.

Ruffles and peplums for a feminine flair

Two awesome trends that ruled the runways this year are ruffles and peplums. Ruffles were usually combined with the existing off-shoulder trend while a sculptural peplum hem was introduced to one shoulder tops and tops with flutter sleeves, resulting in the ultimate on-trend combo.  Since they’re such dramatic pieces, you don’t have to add too many accessories – they are statement pieces on their own. Ruffles and peplums weren’t reserved only for tops. A sleek, form-fitting dress featuring ruffle details paired with stilettos and a red lip would make a perfect choice for a romantic date night, while a bodycon dress with a one-shoulder ruffle is a great thing to wear if you’d like to impress and make a statement at the event. The possibilities are endless when it comes to these two trends, and they are sure to give you that feminine flair, making you look sophisticated and elegant.

It seems like plus size fashion for 2019 is full of feminine details that are pretty much wearable on a daily basis. Hopefully, this list inspired you to create some new looks and try these trends yourself.