Hertfordshire is home to medieval caves, historic churches and even the filming location of Harry Potter.  This county is on the border of London and has the perks of both the city and the countryside. There are plenty of must-see sites for a weekend mini break – especially if you are a history buff.  St… Read More

Public speaking challenges many students because they cannot imagine being good enough to come up with a stellar speech worthy of so many people’s attention. What these students don’t understand is that speech writing is just like any kind of writing. Once you figure out your objective, there’s nothing that’s preventing you from coming up… Read More

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Take advantage of Black Friday deals to buy an extensive range of jewellery, either for yourself or as a gift. Every year, Black Friday marks the weekend after Thanksgiving and starts a shopping Bonanza. Thousands of items get slashed down in prices, with people rushing to secure themselves plenty of great deals. It is also… Read More

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A lot of people think that eating carbohydrates such as bread and pasta are unhealthy, which makes them believe that going gluten-free is just another way of eating healthy. Contrary to popular belief, foods like brown rice and cornstarch are used to mimic popular dishes to make them gluten-free, which means gluten-free pasta and gluten-free… Read More

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Our consultants are all former executives with extensive experience presenting in some of the most technical and demanding industries in the world. From finance to pharmaceuticals, travel to telecoms, and retail to wholesale we’ve made a difference in just about every industry you can imagine. We don’t use actors, we work with senior professionals who… Read More

After the party has ended on the French Riviera for another year, attention turns to Ibiza, where the still-warm weather and spectacular closing parties make for an epic end to the Mediterranean yachting season. A late season yacht charter in Ibiza promises stunning cruising and superstar DJs, while the best after-party in town is back… Read More