Strong branding is one of the most important attributes of a successful business. After all, there’s a reason why companies like Apple and Nike are able to sell their products for such a high price. A crucial component of branding that many people overlook, though is color. The colors you use for your brand can… Read More

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It has been on the side of the road for the last few weeks. Just slowly growing larger and larger. This abyss which has been collecting broken wheels and discarded tyre rubber. Or as everyone else knows it, the pothole. The one that has really caught my attention recently is on the inside of a… Read More

Travelling is a wonderful experience that both broadens the mind and leads to many exciting new adventures. But while it can be fun to visit new places and try out new experiences, often the actual travelling part can be a bit of a bore. Hours spent sitting on trains, buses and planes can be tedious,… Read More

The way in which cosmetic surgery has viewed has changed drastically in recent times. Not too long ago, cosmetic surgery was somewhat of a taboo and considered only an option for the rich and the famous. These days, cosmetic surgery is incredibly common and much more accepted in public, largely due to the positive impact… Read More

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Public speaking challenges many students because they cannot imagine being good enough to come up with a stellar speech worthy of so many people’s attention. What these students don’t understand is that speech writing is just like any kind of writing. Once you figure out your objective, there’s nothing that’s preventing you from coming up… Read More