Any outdoor adventurous type of holidaymaker has been fantastic options when it comes to choosing a destination, but one place which should be at the top of your list is Russia. Russia is a part of the world that not many people travel to but also one of the most beautiful, unique and exciting places to visit with many incredible outdoor adventures to consider.

Here are just a few amazing outdoor experiences to try during your trip to Russia.

Ice-Cycling Across Lake Baikal

The breathtaking Lake Baikal is the deepest and oldest lake in the entire world and one which is surrounded by natural beauty. The vast lake freezes over during the harsh winter months and this allows for the unique opportunity for ice-cycling and camping which is certainly a unique experience that not many people get to do.

Trekking in the Altai Republic

The Altai Republic is an area of vast wildness in southern Siberia where you will find the Altai Mountains and surrounding tundra, lakes and meadows. As you would expect, this means that you find stunning landscapes along with rare wildlife, including snow leopards and mountain sheep. Trekking expeditions in this protected region will showcase the great beauty of the area and allow you to explore one of the lesser-explored parts of the world.

Tracking Wild Tigers

As mentioned above, Russia is home to some majestic and extremely rare wildlife. This includes the endangered but incredibly exotic Amur Tiger found in the Amur region in Eastern Russia. Tiger tracking experiences arranged by a specialist allows you to explore this tranquil region and observe Amur Tigers (and other animals) from a safe distance in their natural habitat – a moment that you will surely never forget and always cherish. 

Kayaking in the Moscow Canal

Of course, your outdoor adventures in Russia are not just in the vast wilderness found here and there are plenty of fun activities in the capital city of Moscow. Moscow is an amazing city with plenty to see and do but adventures types will certainly want to experience kayaking in the Moscow Canal – this is a thrilling experience but also a fun way to see the city. There are plenty of other fun outdoor pursuits when you visit Moscow, such as cycling, rollerblading and even SUP surfing on the river.

Russia is unlike anywhere else in the world and a place that adventurous types love because there is so much to explore and it is a country that few people travel to. The vast wilderness provides the perfect setting for all kinds of outdoor adventures but you will also find plenty of action and excitement in the capital city of Moscow and any other cities, towns and villages that you visit along the way.