Once every so often in a person’s life time, without warning, a certain age suddenly appears in front of us. Maybe it’s a young and vibrant 21, maybe it’s the growing up 30 or maybe it’s great excuse for a party 50. It creeps up quickly and BAM, here it is. Some of us are a little more wary of celebrating our ages than others. Some want to forget it and just let it pass by quietly, while others will want to party hard and celebrate it in style. If you fall into the latter category, we have some options on how to create a party to remember and to celebrate that ‘just a number’ in a fashion that will be memorable.

Beach Party

While this may not be an option for everyone, especially in the depths of winter (we don’t encourage partying in a bikini in sub-zero temperatures) a beach party can be a novel way of celebrating a birthday fairly cheaply. Everyone loves a BBQ and there is no reason why you cannot replicate those sunny long days of your youth chilling by the sea with your mates while sipping a beer.

Hire a club out

For the youngsters hiring a club out may be an option. Most clubs will offer catering or this can be hired in from an outside company and most clubs will of course have an in-house DJ and lighting system to really set the atmosphere off. Themed nights can also work really well, getting your guests involved in the planning of costumes and the novelty of dressing up.

Hire a party bus

For those who fancy something a little bit different and unique why not hire a party bus? For those in and around the NY and NJ areas there is a party bus NJ company that offers 2 party buses that will carry up to 50 people, giving a really cool and innovative idea for a party. Packed full of state of the art speakers, TV screens and fiber optic lighting you can create the mood you want while still throwing an awesome bash. Plus they are a lot more affordable than you think.

Jet off away

For some of us celebrating at home feels like too much hassle so an alternative option is to grab a holiday away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and enjoy some sunshine (or snow, if you prefer skiing). A holiday can really boost the mood and can be an excellent distraction from that impeding birthday that will be arriving whether you want it to or not.

Whatever birthday style you choose, be it wanting to celebrate it or forget about it, be creative in your options. There are hundreds of ideas to create a party and a lot of it will depend on your budget but whatever you choose make it fun and make it memorable – You are only that age once!