With so many women’s issues cropping up these days and hankering for attention, innovative and creative people are increasingly finding ways to get the information out. Badge designers have also turned to creating badges that communicate issues that girls and young women can relate to.

One of the issues these new designs seek to address is the need for girls and young women to learn new skills. A few of these skills are technology-based such as vlogging. Therefore, if you come across a young lady wearing a badge with ‘vlogging’ emblazoned across, that is probably the reason she is wearing it.

Characteristics of the New Designs

Colour plays an important role in designing anything for women. Women are serious about colour. That is why they will be the ones to determine colour schemes for events that are important them.

They also incorporate designs such as flowers, teddies and fairy wonderland creatures that are popular with girls and young women. They may even include one-liners that aim to encourage women to be confident or industrious as well as to go for what they want.

It is widely believed that women like bright and soft colours. There will be a lot of pinks and lilacs as well as soft blues and greens to choose from. The badges are designed to be bright, fun and exciting so that they can attract attention.

Rocketbadge is the partner you want to create beautiful and meaningful badges that will not only go with your outfit but also have a message to convey.

Badges That Communicate

Organisations such as The Girl Guide Association, for instance, have introduced badges that aim to encourage girls to communicate important issues.

Some activities that they want to bring to the fore include the following:

  • Human rights
  • Storytelling
  • Coding
  • Animation
  • Crafts
  • Inventing
  • Technology

These and many more are geared towards encouraging young women to take up skills and make a living from them. Technology has created quite a few millionaires with some young women earning colossal amounts of money from YouTube and other social media platforms such as Instagram.

Badges that bring this to the wearer’s attention will plant an idea and she may even communicate the same to her friends. The badges are clearly more than just a fashion accessory in this instance.

The shape of the badge is also important. Anything too angular may not be very appealing to many women. They are more likely to go for shapes that are more rounded. They want a badge that they can wear as an accessory. It needs to ‘go’ with the outfit.

Women tend to have an eye for details and will quickly notice if something does not fit. An expert badge designer will easily come up with a visual image that is not only appropriate for the occasion but also for the one wearing it.


Like brooches, women want something they can wear more than once. Even if it was created for a particular occasion, they’ll want to pin it on for the office or brunch with girls. Rocketbadge designs badges that not only fit an occasion but also be worn any other time.