Some fashion items are just easy to wear: jeans, skater skirts, maxi dresses and activewear are all things you just can’t go wrong with. However, there are some items that require a lot more thought and planning to look good and appropriate. In recent years, we’ve been seeing bralettes, see-through materials and other pieces that need to be incorporated carefully in order to look good. But now, there’s another kid on the block: slip dresses. They can look fantastically elegant and chic, but if you’re not paying attention, you can look like you’ve gone out of the house in your nightgown.

Style it as a dress

The easiest way to wear a slip dress is, well, as a dress. But since slip dresses walk the fine line between outerwear and lingerie, you can’t just put it on and walk out the door. If you want to stick to a more casual, everyday look, you can pop a shirt underneath the dress. A turtleneck or a T-shirt will both work great. You can also try a button-down shirt, left open and tied around the waist. For a more elegant, professional look, opt for a blazer over the dress. Both oversized blazer jackets and the more fitted ones will work great, as long as you don’t clash the pattern on the two. For a youthful and more modest look, throw on a long cardigan on top of the dress and match it with some flat sneakers.

Just use the top

The advantage of slip dresses being made out of such a thin material is that you can hide a lot of it under layers of other clothing without creating unnecessary bumps on your body. This means that you can easily put on a slip dress and tuck it into bottoms to make it look like a shirt. This is where the fit is important, and you want to look around well-stocked dress stores for different styles, as the décolleté can sometimes be too revealing for women with a larger chest. You can pair your slip dress with some formal high-waisted pants with a belt, or even with jeans. Make sure you’re keeping an eye on different prints: a plain, silk fabric will be great with a professional pair of pants, but you can go for something more fun with jeans. You can also pair it with a skirt, just make sure it’s a midi, so that you don’t get any of the slip peeking beneath the hem.

Transform it into a skirt

It’s definitely not easy to find the cut the slip dresses have in the shape of just a skirt, so covering up the top and using the bottom of the dress as a skirt is a great replacement. Once again, you have different options for a casual and a professional look. If you throw on an oversized knit sweater, you’ll get the cozy-by-the-fireplace look, while wearing something like a chic boxy top or a closed utilitarian jacket will give you a more professional look perfect for the office. You can also just throw your favorite top over the dress to make it look like a skirt, but keep in mind that things that have an open bottom rather than a cinched one might look a bit odd, as you’ll be able to see the dress as you’re moving.

You can wear one slip dress in so many different ways that if you’re not sure if it’s the right look for you, you can get one and try all the different combinations to see if there’s something you like. Just remember: if your first look in the mirror gives you “pajama vibes”, change the look.