We have all dreamed of our perfect wedding since we were younger, but it’s only when you come to planning it that you realise how expensive it actually is.  As such, you may need to clear the savings and put together a more realistic budget. If you have your heart set on the special day you have always wanted but are struggling to make the numbers – we’ve put together some ideas as to how to get the cash.

Ask for Donations

It may sound a little bit cheeky, but instead of presents why not ask people to donate to your wedding fund?  People ask for money to spend on their honeymoon – so you’d just be asking for it a little bit early. That way – you and your family and friends can all celebrate your day knowing that you are all a part of it.  It’s becoming much less unusual these days to do this – and it also means that you will avoid opening up 20 toasters!

Get a Payday Loan

If you have bad credit, a payday loan could be an option if your bank isn’t willing to lend you the cash.  The good thing about this is you will be able to get an answer straight away so that if your application isn’t accepted, you can look at alternative options.  Getting a quick loan can help fast if you are looking to secure a deposit on a venue or a dress, and you need a little help even until payday. You can visit a website like Cash Lady to find more information on how the loan works and what options are available.

An Interest-Free Credit Card

If you do have a reasonable credit rating – you might want to apply for an interest-free credit card.  That way you can make purchases on that and pay 0% interest for a specific time.  This gives you the breathing space that you need to save up the money and pay it up.  The good news is, even when your interest-free period is over – you can transfer the balance over to another if your credit allows.  If you can check your credit rating in advance to get a good idea of what your chances are.

Sell any Valuable Items you Have

If you take a good look around your home, you are bound to find things that you no longer use or need.  This could be a designer dress or expensive jewellery. If you have something of value that you perhaps previously forgot about, then a good option could be to sell these items online.  There are lots of mediums these days to make it a quick and painless ordeal for you.  All you need to do is create accounts, upload details of the item – and some flattering photos.  You can even stipulate that you only want to hear from people in specific locations, or that only people who can collect the items can apply.  

Dream weddings can be on the expensive side – but it is a day that you will never forget, so well worth it.