Summer skin is what everyone longs for. You’ve got a glow, and your complexion is clear… and then the seasons change. You’re faced with winter skin; feeling like your glow has been cruelly swapped for something a whole lot duller. So how do you get that summer skin all year round?

Keep Your Skin Moisturised

Having your skin dry out is an awful reminder that the sunny months are behind us. Whether it flakes or just feels tighter than normal, making sure to moisturise is a sure way to keep the dryness at bay. A good tip when moisturising is to pat down your face with some water first – the creams help to lock moisture in, so this helps to hydrate your skin.

Stay Away From All Toxic Chemicals

This might sound obvious, but there are beauty products out there that contain chemicals that may disagree with your skin. By using natural skin care products, including soaps, moisturisers and makeup, you can be happy in the knowledge that your skin is being treated kindly. Your skin is an organ and should be treated as such. If you start using only natural products, you can be happy in the knowledge that your skin is away from harmful chemicals – it might even lead you back to that summer glow!

Look After Your Whole Body

Most of us know what our skin can look like after a night of drinking. It looks dull and drab, even if the day before it had got that glow. By starting to look after your entire body, you’ll see improvements all over, not just for your skin. Through eating a more varied and balanced diet, including plenty of fruit, vegetables and vitamins, you’ll feel better for it, and your glow might start to return. Make sure to get your two litres of water a day too, and you’ll soon start seeing results. Simply exercising, keeping hydrated and eating the correct foods can lead to immeasurable benefits.

Get a Humidifier

Another great way to keep your skin moisturised and glowing is through keeping a humidifier in your room during the winter months. It makes sure that the air is moist, allowing your skin a break from the harsh conditions outside, and potentially even locking more moisture back in. Furthermore, it has added health benefits so can aid you in other ways than just hydrating your skin. Dry skin can be ageing, so keeping your skin soft and hydrated can incredibly helpful.


By exfoliating only once or twice a week, you can get rid of dry skin through removing dead skin cells that are present on your body. However, make sure to use different exfoliants on different parts of your body – a loofah may work for certain parts of your body, but it would be a mistake to use it on more sensitive areas, such as your face. Shop around and see which ones work best for you – it not only helps aesthetically but can also speed up your skin’s renewal process.