There are lots of reasons why people buy private number plates; they may want plates that represent something or want their car to stand out. Whatever their reasons might be, many of these people do not know where or how to buy private number plates. Here is a short guide that should help you find the number plates you are after.

Decide What You Want the Plate to Say

The first thing you should do when looking for a private number plate is to decide what you want it to say. Most people want plates that have their full name or part of it. Some want numbers that represent something – a birthday for example.

If you are not sure about what you would like your private plates to say, go with plates that have some form of your name. It may be an abbreviation or even your full first name.

Do an Online Search

Once you know what you want the plates to say, the next step is looking for a dealer who will either make or sell the plates to you. Many of the companies that sell private number plates let you design the number plate yourself on their platform using an online builder.

Keep in mind that there are lots of different processes used in making the number plates. Each of these methods produces slightly different results with some number plates looking better than others. This is another area you should research to ensure that you are better-placed to choose the best option.

Buying from a Private Seller

Sometimes, you might find out the number plate you are looking for is already taken. This is where the option of buying from a private seller comes in. This process can be a bit difficult for a lot of people to navigate. One of the issues you will likely run into is the timing of money being sent to and received by the relevant parties. These parties include the buyer, the seller, and the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency.

Before the sale is complete, the parties mentioned above will have to fill in some forms, and money for the sale should have cleared. The forms are for the transfer of ownership of the number plates to their new owner.

A major difference between number plate dealers and private sellers is that number plate dealers have third parties who hold the funds until the sale is complete and all forms are processed. For very expensive transactions, however, private sellers can hire a solicitor to ensure everything goes smoothly.

The roles of the solicitor are to ensure that all the terms for the sale have been put in writing and that all funds clear before the number plate is transferred.

Buying from a Number Plate Dealer

Number plate dealers often have websites where you can buy the private number plates. As with any other transaction, ensure that the dealer is reputable and their website is secure.

Most number plate dealers accept major credit cards with some of them even giving you financing options if the plates are too expensive. You should always ask if this option is available when buying custom number plates.

If you want to discuss particular details about the number plate or need something very specific made, many of these dealers are happy to talk to you over the phone.

Once you are ready to get your private number plates, you can find private number plates here. Number1plates is an amazing platform where you can design custom registration plates, and have them made and delivered to you. They also have a selection of number plates ready to go if you would like to get your number plates faster.

The Process

Once you place an order, the dealer will confirm this through writing or email. This usually happens after they ask for a deposit to secure the number plate. Number plate dealers ask for the deposit because private number plates are bought all the time and the only way to guarantee they will hold a certain number plate is to pay a deposit. The deposit is usually 100% refundable if the purchase does not go through or the process is unsuccessful.

For number plates that have never been put on a car or motorcycle, the buyer gets a V75, also known as a certificate of entitlement. In such cases, the buyer will be asked to provide a nominee who is the owner of the vehicle the registration is for.

In most cases, the V75 certificate is issued alongside instructions on how to assign the number plates to a car or person. Some V75 certificates are held if they are not in the name of the buyer. The certificate can also be held if you do not have a vehicle to assign the number plate at the time of buying the number plates. Getting a custom number plate can be a way of making a statement or making your car stand out. The process is relatively easy for those who have the right documentation and already know what they want the number plates to say.