Casinos are more than places where people go to win money – they’re glamorous, self-contained worlds where people dress to impress and mingle with the high rollers.

A night at the casino has long been the classy venue of choice for tastemakers and fashion royalty, with everyone from Kate Moss to Kate Middleton being papped outside such an establishment in the late hours.

If you’re planning a night at the casino, it’ll take more than just a martini in hand to ensure you look the part. Whether you’re going to Monte Carlo or Macau, these are the essential fashion rules for a night at the casino. 

Rule Number One: Evening Wear Only 

This one should go without saying, but you’d be surprised how many people rock up to the nicest casinos in town wearing something you’d wear for a trip to the shops. Whilst black tie formalwear is not the rule at every casino, evening wear is the bare minimum. That means leave your summer dresses, running shoes, and blouses at home where they belong. 

Dark Colours are Essential 

Take a look at some of the killer casino looks from across the decades. Think Eva Green in Casino Royale, or Sharon Stone in Casino. They attract all of the attention in the room, all whilst wearing dark, muted colours that don’t stand out. The quintessential casino style is all about looking smart, sleek, and moneyed. This means investing in deep colours such as burgundy, emerald, and navy. Of course, your little black dress won’t go amiss here. 

Add Some Glitter to Your Look 

If you’re looking for inspiration for your killer casino look, then it’s time to turn online. Leading online casinos have live games where you can see for yourself how the glamorous casino staff are dressed. At Paddy Power Casino‘s live blackjack games, for example, one thing you’ll notice is glitter and shine in the form of sequins and sheer clothing. Casinos are about class, but they’re also about revelry, which is why you should always top-up your look with a playful dash of glitter and sparkle. 

Never Over-Accessorize 

If you want one golden rule for casino fashion, it’s “keep it simple”. The Bellagio and the Casino de Paris are glamorous places that attract a crowd of ridiculously wealthy gamblers, but you won’t see them dripping in jewels or looking for a chair to place their Birkin bag on. Just some simple earrings or a small wristwatch will do the trick. Simplicity is elegance. 

The Silhouette is Everything 

Casino fashion is, in many ways, a throwback to a different time. Men and women alike are expected to look sleek and fitted, which means you’ll need to take care to ensure your outfit has a suave silhouette. Get your dress fitted and cinch your waist, or maybe experiment with a slit-dress. It’s all about accentuating your curves and lines, whatever shape or size you are. 

If you follow these rules to the letter, then you’re ready to absolutely kill it at the casino. Soak up the glamour, grab a martini, and hit the roulette tables.