Turn your home into a stylists dream with statement mirrors, table mirrors and even mirrored furniture. Mirrors will bring in light and add a luxurious feel to your home. You can fill up wall space with unusual statement mirrors or add a modern twist to your gallery wall. Mirrors are a stylists secret weapon! 

Wall panelling mirrors

If you have wall panelling in your home, why not fit the mirrors into the panels? Open up the room with a modern twist on a classic style. Pair the mirrors with pastel paint for an ultra-luxe feel. 

Or spice up your gallery wall with different size and shaped mirrors. Select some graphic prints and photos to go alongside your round, square and quirky mirrors. A dark base colour on the wall behind will really make your gallery stand out!

Statement mirror

Fill up your empty walls with statement mirrors. You can make your space look bigger and brighten up any darker rooms in your home. Instead of spending time choosing paintings, pick an unusual mirror to decorate the room. 

Round mirrors are great for creating a focal point in the room – and you don’t have to spend time levelling them. If you want to add depth to a room, fit two mirrors on opposing walls. 

Bathroom mirror

With little natural light and a lot of moisture, bathrooms can be difficult to decorate. However, mirrors are practical and stylish in bathrooms. Try out a mirrored wall with tiles or use a statement mirror as the focus of the room. 

Make sure to add a foil mirror backing to protect your mirrors against moisture and make them last longer!

Table mirrors 

Large mirrors can be tricky to hang and expensive to buy. Select a table mirror from Cox and Cox to bring some light to your dressing table and a touch of style. You don’t have to worry about hanging them level either!

If you are a minimalist, why not opt for furniture with inbuilt mirrors? Mirrored wardrobes, dressing tables and drawers are great for extra storage and bringing light in to the room. Who doesn’t love a multi-purpose product?

For a French look, choose a mirrored dressing table. Get some inspiration for a French styled room and invest in rustic pieces to go in the room.