Taking your studies to a foreign country is a fantastic opportunity that can be life changing for those that do it. Having the experience of living in another place and another culture can give a person an experience of independence that few people feel in their lives, as they forge a new life on their own in a faraway land. Though a thrilling experience, it can often be intimidating, especially when trying to plan a budget. However, with just a little planning and by thinking ahead you can ease your budgeting worries and spend more time learning the language.

Planning on Eating?

Wherever you are studying, whatever you are doing, you are going to need to eat. The costs of eating abroad vary from country to country, so it is worth having a look on the internet at prices of food and other items on supermarket websites for the country you are staying. This can help give you a rough budget for your weekly shop, and an idea of the prices of consumables like toiletries and washing powder.

Location, Location, Location

Finding the right accommodation can be one of the hardest parts of budgeting for studying abroad. People will often plan on saving money in this area and quickly regret it. Living abroad will be lots of fun and incredibly rewarding, but you need to have a safe and secure place to retreat to when you need your own space. Spending a little extra here can give you a lot of value, for example there’s this luxury accommodation from Collegiate in Lisbon. This is a great example of the modern student accommodation available that is aimed at foreign students. Budgeting for accommodation is easy once you have made your choice, as long as you get a rental agreement for a set price over your total stay.

Travel when You are Travelling

It would be a shame not to take the opportunity to see some of the country’s sights while you live over there. Being in a city or town and studying every day can give you a great experience of a country and culture, but you owe it to yourself to explore its beauty and other cities and towns while you have the chance. You also need to budget for travelling around when you are studying, so it is worth checking online for travel passes for your destination, and when deals are available for wider travel across the country. Many foreign travel companies have offers specifically aimed at foreign travellers and students, so there may be great savings available if you take the time to check.

Studying abroad is an amazing opportunity, but some people let the cost stop them from going through with it. The rewards that studying in another country and culture offer far exceed the material price, so you should look at it as an investment in yourself. The confidence and experience it will bring will last you a lifetime.