Be a savvy shopper this Christmas

We may only be in September but Christmas is only round the corner and a time when parents start to panic at how expensive it will be, especially when the kids are already seeing their favourite toys advertised on the TV.

Plus on top of that you have a number of little mouths to feed, school trips to pay for and not to mention any birthdays between now and Christmas to fund for.  For many parents it can be very easy for money to spiral out of control and cause financial problems.  But with a few clever budgeting tricks you can ensure you have a stress free Christmas this year and afford all the things you want to buy without slipping into the red.

The lowdown on budgeting and saving money as the nights draw in and we start to say goodbye to the summer

A good designed budget is there to help you keep on top of your finances and ensure the outgoings match your ingoing’s while having the ability to maybe put money aside for rainy days.

The following tips provided below will hopefully help set you off on a good start.  Plus remember budgeting can be fun:

  • Review your statement from the previous month and see where your money is being spent and what luxuries you can cut back in.  If you are buying takeaways every week, these can soon add up and something many of us would not miss.
  • Check what you are entitled to.  For example tax credits and child support.  Even an extra £20 a month can make a difference when budgeting, so ensure you take the time to review your entitlements.
  • Take a look at your largest payment and consider ways to reduce them.  For most family households grocery shopping is usually the biggest expense.  Did you know just by downgrading your shopping by one label you can see significant differences?  So for example if you buy luxury supermarket own brands, start to buy their standard supermarket brands.  Chances are with most items you will not tell a difference.  And try if possible and deter yourself from those impulse buys!
  • Take a look at your standard monthly bills such as gas, electricity, broadband, telephone and insurance and shop around with the use of comparison websites.  There are easy ways in which you can save hundreds a year just by switching supplier.  Just ensure that you are not in a contract as you will not be able to transfer until you have met the contract terms.  Let the comparison sites do all the hard work for you.

Budgeting is about by a savvy shopper.  A savvy shopper will always look for ways to save money, making their purchases cheaper without the need to compromise too much.  Plus the majority of high street stores offer loyalty discounts so you can save even more.

With all this saving you will be able to afford the Christmas you have always dreamed off.