• More Londoners take an annual summer holiday compared to those living in other regions of the UK
  • Londoners go on more holidays both within the UK and abroad
  • Londoners are much more likely to travel solo


In many ways, London encapsulates all that Britain stands for. From our world-leading business district to the vibrant culture of the West End, much of the best of Britain is represented in our capital city. In other ways, however, there is a clear distinction between London and the rest of the UK. This came abruptly to the surface with the results of the EU referendum in 2016, but is also evident in house prices, wages, and even how we spend our holidays.

A recent survey conducted by Crowdology shows that 71% of those living in the North go on an annual summer holiday. Whilst this statistic may seem fairly high, it is trumped by the 95% of Londoners who answered ‘yes’ to the same question. Northerners also said that on average they have holidayed within the UK 5.1 times within the last five years; this result was also higher for Londoners who have answered with an average 6.3 times. There is less of a distinction regarding holidays abroad, though international trips are still more popular amongst Londoners, averaging at 4.9 holidays in the last five years, whereas Northerners averaged at 4.1.

These results are perhaps not all too surprising, since the higher salaries paid in high-end London careers leave Londoners with a more generous cash flow to spend on luxuries such as holidays. It may also be inferred that the stress resulting from such positions, as well as the general chaos of London life, means that capital city dwellers are keener to get away from home for a restful break. Particularly in the summer, those living in the North are much more likely to have a garden where they can enjoy the warm weather and sunshine, whilst Londoners might be desperate to escape their high rise flat in order to appreciate the sunshine.

A more surprising statistic may be who Brits living in different parts of the UK choose to travel with. In the North, 8% of people said they holidayed alone, and this statistic was 7% for other parts of the UK. In comparison, a remarkable 14% of London-dwellers said they go on holiday on their own. Whilst the reason behind this is undetermined, it could be due to the large number of young professionals living in London who have no children or committed relationship and are excited by the prospect of a solo trip.  

With the summer months fast approaching, now is the time to get your annual summer holiday organised, particularly if you live in London.